Everybody know when it's midterms season. It's the breaking point in the semester, when things start to get super real, real fast. You have nothing to do, then 4 paper, 5 exams, and 2 presentations all hit at the same time. Then, even when you finish this rollercoaster of midterms, the rest of the semester just continues to snowball until Thanksgiving then finals season.

I get that midterms are designed to be a checkpoint for how the semester is going and to notify you of your current standing. But after experiencing my fair share of midterms, I really don't think that they make much sense.

First of all, no professors have the same view on midterms. Some count them as just regular assignments, while others count them as nearly a half of your semester grade. Beyond just the sheer difference in the importance they hold according to each professor, each professor seems to have their own grading style for midterms. I know this sounds super crazy, but it's so hard to track your progress when everybody has a different style of midterm grades. Some professors are all numbers when calculating your grade, others grade everyone low because they want you to have room for progress, and others are afraid to give you a good grade because they don't want you to slack off the second half of the semester.

Midterms make predicting the semester all that harder when you're stuck trying to translate what your grade even means based on how your professor grades midterms.

Oh, and my other favorite part of midterms is that classic line at the beginning of the semester when you're going over the syllabus: "So I try really hard to make this easier for you guys, so I've moved around dates so our hard moments don't align with other classes."

Meanwhile, nearly every professor is saying this same thing... So instead of all different dates, your hard weeks are just shifted forward or backward, or even worse, spread out in a way that gives you pretty much two midterms weeks.

At the end of the day, the frustration and stress that midterms cause college students is not worth the waste of valuable time they take up. Rather than being a crunch time of essays, exams, and group projects, midterm grades should just be exactly what they sound like... The grade you currently have at that point in the semester.

Whether it will ever change or not, I don't know. But I do know that a midterms week filled with sleepless nights, scrambled assignments, and stress is not what should be defining a student or their progress.