Midterms, As Told By 'Grey's Anatomy'

It's the midterm season. For the next few weeks, you can expect tests in your classes. With midterms, comes a lot of stress and worry. There's no better show to describe all the moods going into midterms than Grey's Anatomy. After all if Meredith Grey has survived 16 seasons, you can survive the next month.

1. "Who here feels like they have no idea what they're doing?"

We might have been in these classes all semester but we probably still don't understand what is happening 99% of the time.

2. "Should I sleep or should I shower? I could sleep in the shower."

Time management is very important when it comes to midterms and finals. If you're like me and terrible with time management, this is probably what is going through your head right about now.

3. "All I do is worry. All the time."

Midterms are stressful and you're probably constantly worried about something, whether it be your grade, what to study or all the tests you have in a week.

4. "Just put one foot in front of the other. Just get through the day."

No matter how stressful midterms might be, you're going to ma

5. Dance it out.

If there's anything that made characters in Grey's Anatomy feel better, it was always a dance party.

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