It's here, one of the most stressful times of the semester - second only to finals week. Midterms. Ugh. That word, it just tastes bad. Tests, papers, and those dreaded all-nighters are all just wearing students all over the country down. It's okay, though, because if you're anything like me, you're binge watching "This Is Us" until the very last minute... and here's what our favorite characters have to say about midterm.

1. When your professor reminds you about your 8 A.M. test on Monday.

2. When you start adding up your points for the semester so far.

3. The Midterm Meltdown.

4. When you go to karaoke night instead of studying.

5. When you contemplate dropping out and starting a new life.

6. When you've gotta be the supportive one for your best friend.

7. When you just don't care anymore.

8. Planning the post-midterm party of the year.

9. When you get your test and NOTHING from the study guide was on it.

10. When the smart kid offers to share his notes.

11. When it's finally over!

It'll pass just as quickly as it came, I promise. Good luck, guys, you've got this!