What's A Mid-Life Crisis Called In Your Early 20s?

The time has finally come…you're sitting in cap and gown you eagerly bought and accessorized, patiently waiting for your name to be called, midst the entire array of both sides of your family in the upper level. For them all to start watching you walk across that glorified, life starting, stomach pit creating stage. The exact stage where you will be accepting in what feels like one of THE biggest milestone of your entire life thus far…~your college degree~.

You walk down, are greeted warmly by family and friends…but almost feel like you're missing something? Was this the degree you wanted to pursue? Were you as excited walking across the stage, as you always hoped you'd be? Well, that's exactly how I, and thousands of other people feel (I hope).

I am currently a senior in college, rounding up my last year of school…ever, and I feel like I was almost missing something with the major I had decided to pursue. I have always been extremely creative, outgoing and sure of who I was… but once I got into college, pretty much all of that changed. I decided to start taking classes on topics I wanted to and that I was interested in while continuing with my required major classes.

But I kept feeling like I was entirely missing something, and couldn't decipher myself from the mass of others due to the utter inability to grasp my own identity, walking through our campus. I found myself, just like any another college kid, unsure about themselves, and was almost letting myself drown in those thoughts…and it was official, my level of creativity and individuality, and more importantly, my self-identity was gone.

So here I am.... halfway through the first semester of my senior year, wanting to change everything about myself, and what I wanted to do with my life. BUT!!! Something that I need to remember, is that everything is going to be OKAY. And even if it's not okay right now it will be okay in the future. I have to put on my confidence, walk into that advising office and declare the major I would actually like to finish.

Life is absolutely insane, don't get me wrong I definitely know that it'll put you through the ringer not just once, but a few hundreds of times. And with that, I am going to start living life on my own terms; participating in things that make me feel good and accepting myself as the student who might've messed up a bit but completely own myself again… because at the end of the day, sometimes all you have is yourself, and that's okay.

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