As you conclude your second year of college, you may realize something: "Oh crap... I am 50% done with something that is about to determine my life." Some people might wonder if this is just something that is made up, but trust me, every college sophomore (and soon to be junior) is thinking it.

Yes. Mid-college crises are real. It is at the end of sophomore year when you are realizing that you are half way done with easily some of the hardest and most entertaining times of your life. Your young self always pictured being in college, but never realized the amount of breakdowns you would have in one semester alone.

Through the parties, through the new friends, and through the classes, you realize that this is all leading up to a terrifying, yet somewhat exciting part of your life where you are truly on your own and starting a career.

Being half way done with college makes you realize that you do not have that much longer to be at that awkward stage between kid and adult. Being half way done with college makes you realize that you have to work towards something truly real because, honestly, high school only prepared you to get into another school.

This mid-college crisis makes you realize that you have only two years left before you are standing on that stage, cords or not, receiving a diploma you always hoped to earn. I'm sure it's a surreal experience. It's a time where you analyze what you are doing and questioning if it's all worth the studying and the grades.

It makes you wonder if you are doing what you actually want to do in the future. It has also, at times, made me wonder if I should just drop out and do nothing. Of course, that may be a little irrational.

Although junior year will be just as difficult, if not more, sophomore year was a roller coaster ride of emotions. Sophomore year marks the end of introduction and/or general education classes as students get into more of the classes required for their specific major.

It also marks a time where most people grow out of their teenage years, which alone is enough of an emotional roller coaster ride.

Mid-college crises are real. The "sophomore-slump" is also real, but it is just a lead-up to the crisis that might begin. Stay strong because college may be hard, but it will (probably) be worth it.