You can call me “butt hurt.” You can call me “sensitive.” I really don’t care what you call me, but comedian Michelle Wolf’s jokes about abortion at the WHCD were NOT funny.

Michelle, did you know that there were 652,639 abortions in the United States in 2014? That’s 652,639 babies who did not get a chance at life. Did you know that are life changing side effects? How is that funny?

What made you think to joke about something of that nature? I’m pretty sure you know that it causes a big debate across the nation. Your joke was distasteful, insensitive, and uncalled for. Abortion is a topic that should NOT be joked about.

I don’t care if you’re President Trump or Vice President Pence, abortion is not something to joke about.

Michelle, there are so many other things to joke about other than topics that people have strong feelings about. Abortion is a sensitive topic. It should be talked about in a professional way, not in jokes.

Michelle, I understand you make a living off being a comedian, but making jokes about topics like abortion is not a smart move.

Personally, I do not support abortion. I'm almost sure that those who do support it were just as upset as I am. It is a serious matter. It's just sickens me to hear Michelle joke about something like that. Actually, I have never even heard of her until the WHCD. Well, the impression I have of her now is bad and I am NOT a fan. In my opinion, her whole speech was bad. To make it better, she isn't even sorry about the things she said. Michelle, I am upset with your choice of jokes. I know to take a joke because I'm funny, but joking about a sensitive topic is out of line. I scrolled through comments on YouTube and most users described her jokes as "vile." I agree on that, but me being who I am, I would choose harsher words.

Now for those who want to come at me with the freedom of speech line, go ahead. It will not change my opinion. Don’t even waste your time trying to inform be about it because I already know it. Actually, don’t even cause your fingers to cramp up trying to argue with me. I’m not here to start an argument. I’m here to state my opinion.

You can only joke about so much until you joke about a sensitive topic. It struck a nerve in me and I have every reason to be upset about it. We are all entitled to our own opinions and I would like to hear some of yours (no arguing though.)

So Michelle, I hope you learned a lesson from this (don't knock it till you try it.)