Michelle Carter Deserved Her Conviction

With the Michelle Carter trial still fresh in the media (if you need some back story, BuzzFeed has some pretty good coverage on it , there has been controversy over whether or not she should have been convicted of manslaughter or not. However, urging someone to kill themselves over 40 times counts as murder in my book.

Carter met her boyfriend only a few times in their relationship, and knew he had depression and suicidal thoughts. In order to take the role as the "grieving girlfriend," sure repeatedly told her boyfriend, Conrad Roy, to kill himself. When he became scared and decided against it, she told him to get back in the car.

The problem with the story, and what every pro-Carter person points out, she was about 30 miles away from Roy when this happened. What I see is a depressed boy who just needed someone and listened to the only person he thought he had. It's heart-breaking to know that he didn't actually want to do it, but his "loving girlfriend" made him feel like he had to take his own life.

Carter took it far enough to pretended that Roy was dead days before he actually committed suicide, and grieved with his family after it had happened. She urged him to delete their messages beforehand, thinking that this couldn't be traced back to her. As her friends took the stand during the trial and read her messages aloud, I'm sure she realized how stupid she was in thinking that they were gone for good.

No matter how depressed Conrad Roy was, there was no reason for Michelle Carter to basically coach him to kill himself. She used his death as a way to gain sympathy and attention from her peers, which is disgusting. She used her sick head games in order to take the life of a young man she claimed to love, and then lied to her friends and family and his death and her involvement in it.

It's easy to brush something like this aside and say he knew what he was doing, but it's not that easy. Carter knew Roy was suffering and used it to her advantage, and did horrible things to Roy psychologically in order to gain attention and feel better about herself. In my own opinion, she intentionally took Roy's life in a crafty way, trying to avoid punishment. Luckily, she has been tried and convicted of involuntary manslaughter.

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