Miami University's Health and Science Building Will Open A Lot Of Doors

Miami University plans to build a new health and science building for academic programs by the summer of 2022 at a cost of about $96 million.

The Miami Board of Trustees voted unanimously to approve and authorize the building and its funding. This new building is going to cost around $4.5 million in preconstruction services, and $25 million of the funding is coming from the state while $50 million is to be borrowed.

"A new health science building will increase cross-disciplinary collaboration and sustain Miami's cutting-edge academic excellence," said Miami University President Greg Crawford. "Preparing students for growing careers helps expand the Ohio economy."

Another influence in the decision was the fact that there is a very high demand among students who wish to be involved with more nursing programs such as the physician's assistant program, which was also funded by the Boldly Creative Initiative. The new health science building will be able to house the program since it will be able to provide the proper resources necessary for students and faculty.

The planning committee has also decided that the new health science building will house programs in nursing, a physician's assistant program, and speech pathology and audiology as well as the existing health services currently provided to students and employees.

The health science building will be constructed near Phillips Hall, which houses the Department of Kinesiology and Health, and is near the Recreational Sports Center and Goggin Ice Center. It will include labs and classrooms while standing at 170,000 square feet. The plan is to have construction begin in the spring or summer of next semester and to have the building done by the early summer of 2022.

This new building will open many doors to many of Miami University's health majors and minors and give them a chance to explore their future career choice even further. Not only does this building help with the demand for health care jobs, but it prepares students for their future to take on those jobs and to become successful at them.

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