Miami Horror's All Possible Futures Album Review
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Miami Horror's All Possible Futures Album Review

An album about diving deep into waters you might not return from.

Miami Horror's All Possible Futures Album Review
Miami Horror

If you know what it’s like to be young and in love or would to know how that feels, whether it’s for the first time or again, then this is the album for you.

An indietronica band from Australia, Miami Horror has created one of the most inspiring music I have ever heard from the alternative genre. Inspired by the works of Prince, E.L.O., New Order and Michael Jackson, their album All Possible Futures is truly the work of an artist— or artists I should say.

Enter the journey of youthful love (despite how cheesy that sounds)…

01. All Possible Futures starts off with “American Dream,” a song that might seem like a fun lighthearted song at first, until you realize that when it repeatedly sings “Why don’t you listen to yourself?,” it really is asking you listen to your deepest desires, even if they might seem a bit farfetched or impossible at first. It is a song that exudes hope and possibility, as well as a chance to explore long lost dreams that you would have never dreamed of returning to once again. “American Dream” is a fantastic song that helped set the onset mood of album, and therefore I give it a 10/10.

02. “Real Slow (feat. Sarah Chernoff)” is the next song, a song that I personally deem one of my most favorite songs of all time. The song literally continues to ask the listener to take the first steps to opening his heart— and mind, assuring that love is within his reach, and if he is willing, they can take it real slow. (20/10)

03. “Love Like Mine (feat. Cleopold)” is song about falling so irresistibly deep in love with another person that you can’t keep your mind off of him or her. You can’t eat, sleep, or do anything without dreaming of him or her— why, you ask? Because like the song’s lyrics, you know that You can't find a love like mine. Not one of my favourites, but still nonetheless fantastic. (7/10)

04. “Cellophane (So Cruel) [feat. Aaron Miller & Gavin Turek]” is about desire and lust. It’s pretty self explanatory, the lyrics taste of your lips so haunting kind of prove that so. It’s really no different than teasing someone you’re interested in, making the chase worthwhile and fun for the time being. (7/10)

05. “Wild Motion ( Set It Free)” is about trying to let those newfound insecurities about love go. You’re so in love with this person that you will do anything to dispel those fears, just to enjoy that precious feeling of being in love again. From getting high to staring at the clouds at the beach, you know you can’t really do anything about it so you try to let those negative thoughts of loss and insecurities free. (10/10)

06. “(Into the Night)” There are no lyrics in this number. Only passion. (10/10)

07. “Colours in the Sky (feat. Cleopold)” is about enjoying and living in the moment. After all, how many times in your lifetime do you get to experience pure bliss and happiness? Sometimes merely getting lost in the colours of the sky is enough. (10/10)

08. “All It Ever Was” makes my heart ache. You’re so deeply and irrevocably in love that you will literally wait forever for that person— no matter what. Even if he or she doesn’t love you anymore, you don’t care. You secretly knew coming into this relationship that love does not last, but you chose to dive deep into its ocean anyways, even if it meant losing yourself and everything you had before. (9/10)

09.”(Maybe I Need You)” Constantly waiting and waiting for that someone… when will it ever end? Maybe you do need them afterall. (8/10)

10. “Out of Sight” is about indignance. You gave her everything. Does she really want to miss out on everything this relationship has to offer? Only time will tell. (8/10)

11. “Stranger (feat. Future Unlimited)” Slowly tearing us apart/There's nothing left to think or say/We'll never be that way. Like the beginning, you’re strangers again. You gave them love, and all they had to offer was disappointment. So you part ways, avoiding them at every chance (or as it may seem to him/her). It’s ending, and no matter how much you hate to admit it— it’s over. (10/10)

12. “Who Is Gonna Save Us?” Desperate for a sign. Desperate for her. Lying stretched out on the floor, walking through the hallways alone, memories fading… We don't belong, we can't belong. (9/10)

And the signs have died

And the knots lay undone, we are

Waiting for you, waiting for a sign

13. (Happy Without You) is about trying to convince yourself of something you don’t believe nor want to believe. Honestly, you just feel dead inside. (8/10)

14. “Another Rise, Another Fall” Sometimes things have to end for better things to come— right? If only that was so easy. (9/10)

15. “Forever Ever?” happens when some time has passed and you’re only adequately strong enough to look back on the past relationship. Like the sun in her eyes… You’ve finally accepted that the relationship has ended and all you can do is move on. The question mark begs to differ, however. (7/10)

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