Let's talk about what happened on June 17, 2018 during the World Cup.

A while back when the Fédération Internationale de Football Association, or FIFA, announced the groups for the 2018 World Cup in Russia, Mexico was announced to be in Group F (or what my dad likes to call it, the group of Death) along with Germany (the reigning World Cup Champion), South Korea and Sweden.

Some time later, the first game was announced to take place between Mexico and Germany, and well, the world basically lost its mind.

The 2014 World Cup champions would have an official game with a country that had never even made it to the semi-finals; many people all over had basically come to terms that Mexico was going to lose big time.

However, in a shocking turn of events, Mexico won.

Yeah, that's right, we won with a score of 0-1.

During the first half of the game, Hirving "El Chucky" Lozano, with the help of Javier "El Chicharito" Hernandez, was able to score against Germany, earning the entire Mexican team a standing ovation by everyone who was witnessing the game.

In fact, with everyone celebrating the score against Germany, earthquake sensors in Mexico City actually registered the celebrations as a miniature seismic movement.

For the remainder of the game, Germany ached to tie the game up; however, Mexico was always one step ahead of the Germans and always countered every time they tried to score.

This truly was the game of the century.

During the final moments of the game, Germany pressed the Mexican team, nearly scoring a few times.

People left and right stressed as they waited for the referee to blow the final whistle as a sign that the game had ended, and when it did, the initial reaction by most people was disbelief followed by cheers of epic joy.

The entire Luzhniki Stadium erupted into cheers followed by an entire sing along of "Cielito Lindo." For the first time in World Cup History, Germany had lost its opening match.

Following the entire day, Mexico celebrated its win against Germany. People in Mexico City, Russia and the United States all celebrated Mexico's epic win against the four-time World Cup champion.

Once the commotion had died down, people started to notice how the entire game was definitely noteworthy, especially when the players from both sides played what was probably one of the best games of the World Cup 2018.

What made the entire match so much fun to witness was the amount of heart that the entire Mexican team played with.

They knew that they were at an incredible disadvantage to win against Germany, and every chance they had was slim, yet they made it possible.

The amount of emotion that I felt, as a Mexican, was so immense; I really couldn't have been prouder.

With this new generation of young players, alongside a few old ones, and their technical director Juan Carlos Osorio, this truly was a team effort that will always be remembered.

This was the day that every Mexican out there understood what it was like to beat a four-time champion. This was the day that we proved to everyone that we earned our spot in the World Cup.

This was the day that the Mexican National Soccer Team made history.