We all have those moments where we meet somebody for the very first time and immediately feel a strong connection.

Not even in a romantic sense, but when you talk to this person everything makes sense and feels right. Conversation flows naturally. You feel excited and giddy inside because you are having such an incredible time in this person’s presence. You feel like you can talk about anything and everything with this person without judgment.

Very quickly you realize you are sharing the deeper parts of your heart and mind with ease, without a second thought. You feel beyond comfortable and genuinely accepted by this person. This, my friend, is how you know you have encountered one of your soul mates.

Yes, you can have more than one soul mate.

There is not a single human your soul is meant to spend forever with. Your soul is meant to run free. Your soul is meant to welcome and embrace those special others inside of its chambers without hesitation.

We typically have a huge misconception about soul mates and what one exactly is. We hear the term soul mate and immediately think of a significant other. We think of our future husbands or wives, whoever they may be.

This mindset is so common amongst people. It is ingrained in our minds as a black and white concept, so no wonder more of us do not think of soul mates in a different light.

Let’s work to view it from a different perspective.

Try to explore the idea that a true soulmate can be, and often is, non-romantic. It could be a friend, parent, sibling, or whoever you are dating. It could even be a person you had a single interaction with. You could have one or a multitude of each.

Time is no factor. Nobody develops into your soulmate over a set period of time. Recognizing your soulmate is meant to be easy, it is not something you should have to dig for and investigate. If you know, you know. It is simply a feeling you get.

There is no limit to how many soul mates you will encounter in a single lifetime. That is the beauty of it all.

Think of it as a lifelong journey to discovering and unveiling your gallery of soul mates.

It is pretty exciting to think you have not met all of your soulmates yet. It gives you something to look forward to in life. If anything, let it reassure you that better friends and people are going to be introduced to you sometime down the line.

If you are in a bad place now and lack support or do not feel a spiritual connection with another person, know that it is coming.

Whether it is by chance or destiny, you already have and will continue to encounter those few special people in your life that you connect with on such a deeply intimate level.

It truly is a magical and one of a kind experience.