Springtime means a lot of things. For college students, it means shorts, sundresses, day parties, and of course, spring weekend. This weekend is spring weekend for Merrimack College and, prepare you for your adventures, here is a list of dos and don'ts for this years spring weekend!

DO buy your alcohol before Thursday

This is important for multiple reasons ...

1. Police checks start Thursday afternoon

2. It's hard to find a ride last minute to the liquor store

3. You don't want to miss out on anything because you had to run out and get more alcohol!

DO put your drinks in non-alcoholic containers

Dunkin' Donuts cups, soda bottles, cans, water bottles, gatorade bottles, tumbler cups, flasks ... The options are endless and it will avoid your drinks from getting taken away by the police.

DON'T forget to eat!

It's kind of self-explanatory, but just in case ... Sometimes during the day we get so caught up in the drinking that we forget we need to eat. This is how you end up back in your room at 5:00 sick and in for the rest of the night.

DO carry only what you need

You don't need to carry a 20 pound backpack around with you, but don't forget anything important either! Carry only the essentials, such as your ID, phone and drink. Anything else can stay in your room!!

DON'T loose your friends!

Trust me, you don't want to end up alone in the middle of the quad lost, drunk, and confused. Stick with your friends and you will have nothing to worry about!

DO pace yourself!

Spring weekend is full of events, activities, and fun, so don't go too crazy at 10 a.m. because you will miss out on everything!

DO schedule a power-nap

Make sure that you take a nap sometime during the day or you probably won't make it through the weekend. Also, when you do take a nap, make sure that you set an alarm. If you don't, you may accidentally miss out on some things because you didn't wake up! But really, if you forget to take a nap your weekend is not going to be fun ...

DON'T forget to wear sunscreen

Do get turnt, don't get burnt. Drinking all day can cause us to forget we're outside in the blazing sun ... This leads to a very uncomfortable next couple of days. So save yourself from the pain and put some sunscreen on in the morning before you go out!

DO drink your own supply

Please don't drink something you got from your friend's boyfriend's roommate's neighbor. Not knowing whats in your drink could be dangerous. Also, don't mix alcohols. Pick one drink and stick with it for the day.

DON'T climb on roofs, light posts, or police cars

You could 1. get hurt and 2. get in trouble. Just keep both feet on the ground please

DON'T throw food in Sparky's

The Sodexo employees are some of the best people on campus. They do not deserve to be cleaning up your disastrous messes from throwing food across tables at dinner. Just do them a favor and keep your food on your plate.

DO look out for your non-merrimack guests

If you are having friends from home or other schools come for the weekend, please keep track of where they are and what they are doing. They don't know the campus, they don't know the rules, and they don't know the people. Leaving them alone is destined for bad news!

DO get excited!

It's Spring Weekend!