I have become a firm believer in zodiac signs and your horoscope. I have started reading my horoscope at the end of every day, and it's always pretty spot on or relates to some part of my life or how I'm feeling. I always read it at the end of the day because I'm afraid if I read it in the morning, I'll mimic what my horoscope says.

If you don't keep up with astrology, Mercury just got out of retrograde.

What that means is three or four times out of the year, the planet Mercury appears to move in the opposite direction of planet Earth when it passes Earth on its orbit around the sun.

During this time, many things can go haywire.

Every planet goes into retrograde, but it is said that Mercury affects planet Earth the most because it leads to communication-related events. As humans, everything we do has to do with communication. That's how we navigate through daily life. When Mercury is in retrograde, it can be hard to think clearly, communicate efficiently with coworkers and loved ones, and to even focus on a day-to-day task.

Astrologists say that you should never dive into anything new when Mercury is in retrograde or do a life-altering task, like moving into a new place, getting married, traveling, etc. All of these tasks require a lot of communication and, therefore, they are more likely to fail or not work out the way you want them to because of the retrograde.

I know a lot of people don't believe in stuff like this or think it's just a bunch of nonsense, but since Mercury has been out of retrograde, I've noticed that during it, all I wanted to do was sleep. I never had energy, the music I always listen to just didn't feel the same, and I was just entering a bad headspace. It may have been because I knew the retrograde was happening, but I definitely felt the effects from it.

If you do some research, it makes a lot of sense as to why our behaviors would be affected so much by this.

The Earth is made of mostly water and so are people. The moon and other planets clearly affect the Earth, so why wouldn't it affect people too?

If you're not a believer of horoscopes or astrology or planets being in retrograde, I recommend looking into it or doing some research on it. Even if you don't believe in it, it is very interesting and cool to read about. It might just explain why some things are happening the way they are for you.