As we inch closer and closer to 2019 the talk of New Year's resolutions is more prominent than ever. Diets plans are going on sale, ads for gym memberships have taken over the television, and every type of pill known to man is "half priced for this week only."

What people aren't talking about, though, is how dangerous New Years resolutions can be to mental health. As you plan for a successful 2019, here are 19 ways to keep your goals healthy.

1. Prioritize meditation. 

Mental health and stress management is extremely important balancing a healthy lifestyle. There are countless smart watches and free apps on the market to assist in beginning your meditation journey.

2. Eat veggies. 

Health and happiness is built from the inside out. Incorporating some green foods into your diet will do more good than any weight-loss pill ever could.

3. Read more. 

Your brain is a muscle, too. Between Netflix, Amazon Prime and countless other streaming options, our brains have turned to near mush. Take a break. Read a book. Learn something new.

4. Prioritize a passion. 

Everyone has 'em. No matter how big or small find something that you can pour your energy into. This should be something you genuinely love.

5. Drink more water. 

Hydrate or die-drate, right? Water is the most essential part of our bodies. Drinking more water can do more for you than you realize. Whatever your personal goals are, odds are, water can help.

6. Base your goals in faith. 

Habits take weeks to set, life styles take even longer. If you're walking through change alone, you'll never get to the finish line. Base every goal in faith. Whether that means faith in yourself, in others or in God's word, support will get you where you desire to go.

7. Be present. 

Quality time is the most valuable gift of all. Take just a moment to spend some time. In a fast paced life, it can be so easy to overlook the most constant and stable things or people. Drop the phone. Play a game.

8. Take more pictures. 

Memories fade, photos remain. Take a second to take a picture of a great day. You'll look back and be grateful you took the 10 seconds to capture your memory.

9. Travel as much as possible. 

The world is big and beautiful. Whether it be a day trip to another state or a flight across an ocean, meeting new people and seeing new places is the greatest thing you can do for your health.

10. Donate. 

Whether you donate your time or money, giving back is the most selfless of selfish acts. Nothing makes you feel better and simultaneously does better for those around you.

11. Surround yourself with great influencers. 

The energy of those around you has more impact on you than you think it does. Surround yourself with those that make you the best version of yourself. No one asked you to do it alone.

12. Write it out. 

Journal. Buy a diary. Get a new planner. Write a letter. Whatever makes the most sense to you will create the most impact on your life. No matter how you feel, write it out. It's good for you.

13. Verbalize emotion. 

Internalizing every moment can only lead to an inevitable volcanic eruption. Talk to your support systems when you're feeling any type of way. Teaching yourself to talk through emotion (no matter how challenging) will help you learn to love yourself more and more with every confession.

14. Listen to your body. 

You know more than you think you do. Your body will and can tell you what it needs to be happier and healthier. Stop moving and listen to what you really need.

15. Reward yourself. 

The small wins are more important than the big ones. Don't be afraid to love yourself and reward yourself for the better parts of the year.

16. Work to create a good relationship with food. 

Our society is built on food associations. Unfortunately, our culture has caused many to associate food with stress, anxiety and a lack of self acceptance. Work this year to create good associations with food. Good associations will lead to the best mental health.

17. Sleep more. 

Sleep solves most all things. No matter what you're trying to accomplish, sleeping will help. Get yourself on a schedule and stick to it. You will never miss as much as you think you are.

18. Take bathes. 

Giving yourself time to soak and relax allows your mind and body to slow themselves down. Spend the $5 on a bath bomb, break out a good book, light a candle and relax your mind.

19. Experiment with essential oils. 

Learning to move away from traditional medicine and use the essence of earth to remediate illness and issues will do nothing but good things to your body. Open up your mind and allow yourself listen to the many things that our earth has to offer.

The start of a new year should be a time to start over and make personal progress. It is extremely important, though that you prioritize your own mental health when planning for the new year. As you work towards a better you, work to understand your body from the inside out. Real change will come from a real understanding of yourself.

Happy 2019, may this year be a year of a happy heart, body, and mind.