What even is mental health? Or when was the last time you heard about mental health?

I am guessing not very often. And whose fault is it? society? social media? educators? or even yourself?

We tend to blame ourselves for going wrong on a decision but we don't blame ourselves for other things. We like to believe just going with the flow! But does going with the flow always work? No, it hardly works.

We say we know about mental health but do we really? In my opinion, we don't know much about mental health. Growing up in a society that's always judgmental and always is criticizing you is hard but to show them who you really are is even harder. In our society, if you can't do something or don't want to come into pressure into doing that particular act than your not consider normal and your no longer accepted.

Why care to be accepted?

We always tell people to be yourself! Be unique! How many times have you heard those phrases? Let me tell you I have heard those phrases a lot, but there's a lot the part of thinking.

Thinking about the fact if you're going be viewed the same? If people are going to treat you the same? What if people change around you because of the change you made?

There will always be that fear of not getting accepted or not getting liked by people. But is that really a factor to worry about? Some people will say yes it is and others will say no it isn't.

To me, it no longer matters what people will think about my actions. My actions are for me and my actions do portray who I am.

Mental Health needs awareness because of the fact that we are always taught to care about body image, to care about what our grades are, to care about money. No one ever teaches us what mental health is or how to take care of it.

Nowadays when people feel like they have depression or anxiety the first question that always comes up is what are people going to think? That question is a symbol of how critical society is and how ignorant people really are.

Nowadays people with invisible disabilities can't talk much about what it's like or how they feel without getting people to say this is how you should do it or you don't actually have that disease.

Invisible disabilities do exist and not everything needs a physical show for it to occur. We always take care of people or are more empathetic towards people who have a physical disability but why not be empathetic towards those who have an invisible one? Or at the least be there for them?

During college years especially a large percentage of students are either going through or diagnosed with depression and/or anxiety. Well, guess why that is? Because society doesn't care enough to raise awareness for it.

We ourselves don't even know or can't tell what state of mental health was in. Is what I'm feeling normal? We never just take a couple minutes to focus on ourselves.

We live in a society that if you just stop doing what you were doing and take a couple of deep breaths your automatically labeled as lazy. So what makes people think society will change its viewpoints? Society could change if we as people make an effort to change.

Today make it count. Try to find out what mental health actually is. Don't be afraid to seek help. Because we usually think oh it will go away or it's not that big of the deal well guess what it is and you need to take a step to know what state your mental health is.

No one can give you the help you need unless you make an effort to get it. Try to know your health. Know what symptoms of mental health are normal and if you experience anything that's not normal get help right away. Don't ever give mental health second preference or second priority. Mental health always needs to be a top priority.