Being a college student isn’t easy. It’s hard work. Especially when you have to balance school, work, and a social life.

Plus, we all have our bad days. We're human, too.

Regardless, we're all fighting our own battles.

I know I fell down quite a dark hole this semester. I found myself missing at least one day of school a week because that’s what I felt like I needed to stay sane.

For a while, I was working 20+ hours while taking five classes. On top of that, I was trying my best to make and spend time with my friends.

All of this was putting a lot of strain on me — mentally and physically. I know tons of college students who’ve gone through worse and still manage.

But I'm not them.

I don’t handle stress well.

I also don’t owe anyone an explanation either. I’m allowed to take care of my mental health if I feel like I need to. If I feel like I need a day off, I’m going to take it.

If you feel like you need a day off, take it.

One day isn’t going to kill you. Just don’t make it a habit. Find a balance. Become more organized. What can you do to make your workload easier?

Are you biting off more than you can chew? Too many extracurricular activities? Pick and choose which ones make you happiest and dump the rest.

I felt awful this whole semester. I hated missing class, but I kid you not, I had mornings I physically couldn’t get out of bed — and no, it wasn’t because I was “too tired” or “lazy.”

Like I said...

We’re all fighting our own battles.

So, no, taking a mental health day or a self-care day doesn’t make me or you lazy. I’m also not telling you to deliberately miss class or call out of work. I’m telling you to take care of your mental health when needed, as well as find a good balance between school, work, friends, and whatever else you have to juggle.

Don’t neglect your mental health. It needs you.