Marriage is a huge commitment.

Two people are making a vow to stay together and love each other for the rest of their lives.

For some, they knew the moment they laid eyes on the other. For others, it took a little longer. Here are just a few stories of how some men knew they had found the one.

1. Dan, 53

"She was gorgeous. She had very beautiful eyes and a great laugh and a great smile."

2. Marc, 24

"Within a week of being with her, I knew I was going to marry her. It was just a feeling."

3. Doc, 60

"I melted when I looked into her big brown eyes."

4. Roger, 51

"It was clear she was devoted to a hoodlum like me."

5. John, 75

"After our mutual attraction the first night we met at a lady's choice dance, I constantly wanted to be with her. We lived in different states and we still stayed together. And after I went to boot camp for the marines and she stayed and waited for me I knew I had found the one I was going to marry."

6. Stephen, 20

"When I found myself smiling when I thought about her, laughing when I was with her, and knowing/seeing that she would be a great mother and an even better wife."