We seem to have a bad habit by thinking just because we show acts of kindness to someone that we automatically deserve the person we are chasing. Sorry hun, that's not the case. Not only do people see what you do when it's not just affecting them, but they also see how you might drag someone down comparing yourself to seem better when you're probably not.

If the first thing you do when chasing after someone is trying to compare yourself to those they find attractive and list why you're better, You might want to have a long look in the mirror and lower that ego you have floating so high. Don't understand where I'm coming from? Well, this is a small piece written on the issue entitled:

We Can Do Better

"Why date him?"

"He doesn't care about you as I do"

"He'll never love you the way I do"

"Oh, he hurt you?"

"Not to say I told you so but…"

Could it be possible?

Could it be that the same guys we drag could actually care?

We spend so much time stomping them down

Saying that we're better

Finding ways to compare ourselves

But the same guys we shove down

Are the ones extending a hand to lift her up

We'd rather embody the personality and destroy someone for our own chance

Not realizing we're being the trainwreck we wish to steer her away from

Who are we helping?

Are we honestly helping her by reminding her of every rough decision shes ever made?

I once heard "be the change you wish to see in the world"

I feel like if we really want to be known as men…

We can do better

We can be better

If actions speak a thousand words,

Be the book she just can't seem to put down

Versus the hateful critique, she tosses away

I very much understand that similar can be said of both genders. but this is a piece written because of the fact i is so common in men whether we care to acknowledge it or not. As it said, be the change you wish to see in the world.