Men can be abused too.

This poem is inspired by a domestic violence awareness, brochure that I saw. And it got me thinking about how we always assume only woman can be abused. When sometimes they are the abusers. Warning this may hold triggers to some people.

He gently dabs the foundation over his eye,

It wasn’t her fault,

He was upsetting her,

She was so sorry after she calmed down,

She told him he really needed to stop upsetting her,

That she hated having to hit him,

He can’t really remember what he did,

But she would never lie to him,

She loves him,

She told him so,

Even as she had kicked him,

While he was lying there on the ground,

His ribs where bruised,

And one wrist was in an ace brace,

He was sure it was broken,

But it was his punishment,

This wasn’t abuse,

Men don’t get abused,

They just don’t,

Admittedly he could fight back,

During the time she was just mad,

But he was taught,

Never hit girls,

Even in self defenses.

Man or woman abuse is abuse. Please relies that men aren’t always ‘tough’ and that they can get abused. If you are a man in an abusive relationship please get help, here are some hotlines for men specifically U.S. and Canada: 1-800-799-7233, UK: 01823 334244, Ireland: 046 902 3710 or If you are a woman,, The phone numbers are on the websites.

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