If you're fortunate enough to have a squad of best friends, you know they are an eclectic group of people. You are all so different in so many ways, yet you all fit together so perfectly. Sure you have petty arguments about things like, "Is 'Die Hard' a Christmas movie?" (The answer is no, by the way). But you all love each other no matter what; you're just one big, happy family. Just like in every family, everyone has their own role to fill. And if you are fortunate enough to have a friend squad, you definitely fill at least one of these roles.

1. The Protective Mom

There is always one person that takes care of everyone else. Whether it's them making the plans ahead of time, being the one to clean up after hanging out or reminding everyone to bring sunscreen/a coat/whatever essentials are necessary for that day, they are level-headed and always have their lives together.

2. The Nerdy Dad

There's at least one friend who makes super corny jokes and can't stop talking about the newest development in technology. They love the Grateful Dead, and hate anything that is pop culture. This friend also loves to wear worn-out jeans and sneakers, and does not care what is considered "cool" or "uncool."

3. The Overachieving Sibling

At least "overachieving" is what everyone calls it, but this friend is actually just naturally good at everything. He/she probably won Prom King/Queen in high school, and has a plethora of talents from music to sports and more. The worst part is that he/she is super nice, so even hating them for their perfection is hard.

4. The People-Pleasing Younger Sibling

As the youngest, they just want to make everyone happy. They will go along with any plans as long as they are included. They never complain about anything, say yes to every invitation (even if it's an invitation to wander around Target) and they are the first ones to crack a joke when everyone else is fighting about where to go to dinner.

5. The Wild Child

No one can show you a good time quite like this friend. Whether it's going to parties until the sun rises or sitting at home and laughing at memes on Twitter, you always have the time of your life when this friend is involved. They are constantly making jokes, doing crazy things and are down to do anything that involves having fun.

6. The Optimistic Child

There is always one person who is childlike in an innocent and optimistic way. They are always coming up with fun activities for the group, such as organizing a scavenger hunt or bringing a s'mores kit to the bonfire. They are in their own little world, and they are the sunshine of the group.

7. The Weird Uncle

They love making obscure movie references and usually have opinions that differ from everyone else's that they strongly stand by. This person is the butt of a lot of jokes, but they take it like a champ. This friend is a little overbearing, and may say some crazy things from time to time, but he/she loves the group with their whole heart, so we accept them for who they are.

8. The Fun, Crazy Aunt

This friend is nowhere near settling down. They're really successful even though it seems like they never have their life together. They have a lot of crazy stories to tell, and they would rather be out making memories even if it means experiencing some shambles along the way.

9. The Quirky Cousin

This friend is cool but in an unconventional way. They know how to play a bunch of obscure songs on the guitar (or will make up their own), and they're known to doodle on any drawable surface they can find. They go to art school and can climb a tree at impressive rates. Sometimes you can't even keep up with their quirkiness, but you're just grateful that they provide you with good mood music and artsy photos for your Instagram.

10. The Grandmother

They like to be in bed by 10 p.m., and they absolutely adore their pet cats. They love spending time with the squad, but getting them out of the house can be a little difficult because they're homebodies. Much like the mother, this grandmother likes to take care of everyone, but in an hands-off way. They are always the one to bring over snacks and offer everyone a ride home.

11. The One Who Helps You Hide The Body

When I say "hide the body," I mean in a figurative way, of course. But when you get into some trouble, this friend is the one you turn to. They will help you fix your mistakes without ever mentioning it to anyone else. They tend to be on the quieter side, and they are fiercely loyal. If you did happen to get yourself in an unfortunate circumstance, they would totally have your back.