My name is Tori Hoff and I am addicted to "Hannah Montana". I have been obsessed with Hannah Montana since I saw the first episode. From that moment my dream of becoming Simba from the Lion King disappeared because I was going to be a teen pop sensation. My heart shattered during the last episode, I already missed my girl, Hannah. Through hilarious memes and constant references, Hannah Montana will never die. She has helped me get through the most awkward of college interactions, and yes there are hundreds. So here’s to you Hannah, thanks for making college a little easier.

1. “I Wanna Know You"

That moment when you walk into a party and see him across the room. Is it just me or did the world freeze for a second? There is only one thought that went through your mind, “I Wanna Know You.”

2. “Gonna Get This”

With confidence building up and your friends encouraging you, you walk up to him with full confidence you know your “Gonna Get This.”

3. “One In a Million."

Your heart stops when he mentions maybe getting food or something another time. “You and Me Together,” you ask, and he says of course. True love really does exist.

4. "He Could Be the One”

Did someone just spill a drink down your back? Seriously this shirt is new. Before you can react this guy, whose name you still haven’t gotten, yells at the clumsy drink spiller. Your heart flutters as you think to your self “He Could be the One.”

5. “Love That Lets go.”

Did someone just say cops? Everyone around you starts to run, and in all the chaos you get shoved. He hugs you and says he’ll see you around. You realize that even though you love him “the right kind of love is the “Love that Let's Go””

6. “I’ll Always Remember You.”

As you separate you realize you never got his number or his Snapchat. You reach your hand in his direction and call out “I’ll always remember you.”

7. “I Miss You.”

You hop into an Uber with your friends and even though your song is on you look out the window and quietly whisper to yourself “I miss you” but you know you’ll get over it soon because the same thing will likely happen next party.