The Making of Future Marketplace for an Emerging Industry.

The Making of Future Marketplace for an Emerging Industry.

Meet the blockchain tailored marketplace for work.


People are the source of success for any business. They are the underlying fibre that connects the making of a product or service to its usability in the end. However, the right people are never always in plain sight and can be quite a challenge to reach. The internet has opened up the channels of communication and accessibility to goods and services, yet businesses continue to struggle to with it.Blockchain technology is finally fixing this.

Dubbed Web 3.0, the blockchain is changing the core meaning of financial values and how we interact with them, ushering security, transparency, accountability and immutable ownership to financial assets. Its decentralized ability to disintermediated the exchange of values has made it a favourite among young tech enthusiasts and disruptive entrepreneurs looking to leverage these abilities to create, develop, and engage.

Blockchain development is fuelled by independent individuals who have decided to devote their skills to addressing a real-life problem or building tomorrow's ecosystem on the backbone of a fair and transparent technology. They are drawn by the freedom to work and earn where, when, and how they desire with an increasing amount of them all too eager to drop their current 9-5 jobs for decentralized engagements.

And this enthusiasm and faith in the nascent technology has reaped dividends for just about anybody willing to give it the time of day. Billions of dollars have gone into funding blockchain-based start-ups and tens of billion more goes into using their tokenized services every day. However, after almost a decade of existence, the potentials of the blockchain space with it capacity of global disruption, is not yet maximized by blockchain entrepreneurs looking for job opportunities. Most blockchain freelancer - usually exceptional brilliant, innovative, and innovative individuals - still continue to resort to locating job opportunities on forums, hearsay, or old-fashion networking. Despite their groundbreaking achievements at the forefront at evolving the financial exchange of values and communication, they continue to resort to the same old tools that no longer has a place in the future they've developed. Not their fault, they never had a choice… until now.

Building the Disruptive Workforce Marketplace for the Industry Disruptor

While most blockchain development continues to focus on developing, evolving, and reinventing solutions aimed the many ills of centralization, Hiway is building the workforce marketplace to fuel these developments. The marketplace is a streamline platform addressing the changing work environment by building a decentralized network where the various companies of tomorrow can tap into the manpower they require today.

Hiway has set its sights on becoming the world's largest, dedicated marketplace for freelancers especially those championing the cause of the technology that it has also been built on, the blockchain. With years of experience in the traditional workplace recruitment and employment industry, the company boasts of vast experience in meeting the needs of this emerging industry and helping it avoid common pitfalls.

As the blockchain continues to mature, so does its adoption, resulting in more companies looking to leverage the technology and work with talents from the industry. This boom in the growth of the technology is already opening numerous opportunities for talented individuals from programmers to content creators, graphic designers, project managers, lawyers, and even fund managers. Hiway will become a one-stop shop for all workforce engagement powered by big data, AI, and smart contracts. The connecting digital natives in the blockchain sphere with the companies of the future and delivering a marketplace for the most exciting technological innovations such as token model, smart contracts employment marketplace.

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Money shape shifting : We’re at the brink of financial evolution

Money shape shifting : We're at the brink of financial evolution


If we can call the end of XX century as the revolution of information, it's very likely that we will call the start of XXI century as the revolution of world finance.

Today, the financial world is getting challenged on a daily basis.

Cryptocurrencies are raising media coverage and worldwide awareness. Digital banks and FinTech start-ups are leaving an imprint on the market by offering cheaper, faster and more personalized services to users. People now rely more and more on digital devices to help take care of their daily chores excluding the need for physical presence where it is possible. Last but not least, Open Banking and the decentralization of financial services are already inscribed into European law while the rest of the world is watching closely from their home jurisdictions.

To those who don't know Open Banking refers to the obligation of the banks to open up their client data via APIs to allow digital connections. And the thing is, all of the banks operating in the European Union will be mandated to comply. No exceptions. This means that comparing banking, payment, financial management, insurance and other financial services and their prices will be as easy as comparing two providers on

Now users will have the choice to have multiple accounts with different banks at close to zero costs. They will have the freedom to pay for only the services they actually need and pay a fair market price. Banks will have to unbundle their offerings and lean FinTech companies will have a chance to compete with them in niche markets.

Currently, people do not switch banks often. As soon as they will have full information on what they are being charged for and how much they can save by simply using a trusted third-party, this is about to change. We are heading towards the fragmentation of finances. Instead of having one bank and trusting it blindly, users will have separate accounts for every task they need – budgeting, spending analysis, saving strategy, deposit accounts, mortgages, insurance, payments and etc.

Of course, the key is to integrate those accounts into a unifying interface to help make sense of all that information. ORCA Alliance, a European start-up is tackling this exact issue. ORCA is creating an Open Banking platform aimed towards cryptocurrency users. They are taking advantage of Open Banking and integrating crypto accounts into the application to support cryptocurrency exchanges and digital wallets. A one-for-all solution for personal finance.

Combining all accounts to a digital dashboard will allow machine learning algorithms to track user's financial data points, draw a financial profile and provide personalized tips how to increase gains, minimize spending or invest more profitably. Advance insights will be calculated assessing the whole spectrum of finance, digital currencies included. And that's not only a half of it.

ORCA Alliance is having it's crowdsale in August and is currently whitelisting. Despite not having launched the token sale yet, they work hard on important problem-solving. ORCA has already presented their tech case for instant withdrawals from cryptocurrency held in exchange directly into euro payment card.

ORCA has already partnered up with a licensed e-money institution and plans to start issuing ORCA debit cards in the last quarter of the year. Utilizing their instant withdrawal solution, Fintech start-up will solve a lot of liquidity problems for traders and ICO investors who want to cash out quickly and capitalize on short-term gains from favorable market movements.

The initial version of the 5-stage running platform – PYGMY, a portfolio tracker which will serve as the platform base layer is overstepping its peers like Blockfolio and CryptoCompare because of the auto-update function. Once the user links their exchange accounts to PYGMY, they no longer have to manually update trades – the software does everything on its own. ORCA does not only talk the talk, are walking the walk as well.

"Banking is changing, cryptocurrencies are entering the scene of financial landscape and market conditions for FinTech companies have never been so welcoming. At ORCA we are looking to build the next generation application for personal banking including all relevant services and companies to let the market decide who's the best. We just want people making decisions using ORCA" - commented Natan Avidan, founder and CEO of ORCA Alliance.

August ICO by ORCA Alliance aims at $14,000,000 dollar hardcap through the issuance of 460 million ORCA tokens, 60% of which will be available for purchase during the sale. The Open Banking platform ORCA is creating will serve as an information gateway allowing users to fully customize linked accounts and services. In the meantime, ORCA tokens will act as authenticators validating each and every transaction performed in the system giving them a unique use case and ensure that they always stay in demand.

Visit to subscribe, whitelist and perform mandatory KYC process to be eligible for the ICO

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