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Hi, I'm alice. I have the pleasure of being apart of this amazing team and getting the opportunity to write sweet content for all of you faceless people out there on the interwebs. When I joined this team I was super excited to further incorporate writing into my day to day life and to have the opportunity to have a body of work that is available to the public. I'm an artist you see, more specifically a photographer, so I love making work and putting it out into the world. Lately, I've had to put this opportunity on the back burner because, you know, life, but here I am, back and better than ever.

I was born and raised on the jersey shore, but not the trashy jersey shore that you see on the TV. I'm from where the beaches start, "central jersey" if you will. From my beach you can see an incredible skyline of manhattan. My summers were spent on the beach, in the ocean whether it was at home or in Bethany Beach Delaware, at my family's beach house. Yes, I surf. No, I'm not super tan.

My family is from Baltimore originally, but not me, I'm a jersey girl through and through. I eat a PEC with spk most Saturday mornings, I identify with exit 109, and I will call you a benny if you shake your sandy towel all over me on the beach or double park your BMW. As much as I despised my aggressively white and privileged high school, I really do love my hometown and I miss it everyday. Some of my fondest memories from home are the ones spent in Asbury Park and Long Branch, hanging out at what we call "beach punk rock" concerts or biking to the beach at golden hour in September to lay in the cool sand after all of said bennies have gone home.

When I was 5 years old I somehow got it in my head that I loved horses. I had never ridden a horse or really seen a horse in real life at this point, but I was obsessed. It took my 3 years to break my parents down but finally, for my 8th birthday, I got one week of pony camp. My parents like to say the rest was history. I'm not a particularly extroverted or social human being, but horses were my thing and horse people were my people. To this day, my best friends are my barn friends and I have a feeling they always will be. By the time I was 10 I was a working student and by 11 I got to go to my first horse show. I gave up my tiny backyard barn when I started high school and started riding for a competitive hunter/jumper barn called Knightsbridge Farm. The opportunities I was given there I don't think I will ever be able to repay. My trainers and fellow working students are like family. My parents never worried about me getting into trouble… I had to be up every weekend by 4:30am to go to horse shows. An idea of a fun night for me was staying late after the trainers had all gone home and screwing around with my best friends in the barn. I think the thing I'm going to miss most about being young are the hours and hours I spent with those girls and our horses.

Like I said before, I'm an artist. My grandmother was a working artist before she opened her own clothing store… from a young age she instilled a love for fine art in me. I was always painting and sketching as a little kid. When I got older I started writing and studied art a lot more seriously in school. The end all be all was 8th grade when I took my mom's camera to a horse show. From then on out, I was constantly taking pictures. College was scary for me to think about, especially because school really wasn't my thing. As soon as I realized I could study art and photography… everything seemed okay.

I've spent a lot of time worrying about my social life and the type of person I exist as in the world. It took me a long time to come to terms with the fact that my high school experience wasn't a complete failure. My freshman year of college, I spent a lot of time compensating for what I thought I had missed out on and while it was more fun than I could have ever imagined, it really wasn't me. While I don't think I have a single clue of "who I am" at this point in my life, I know what makes me happy. I'll leave you with a few of those things: Art museums, horses, being outside, taking pictures, spending time with my family at the beach, nights with my closest friends, good novels, New England in the fall, and dogs.

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