Within the past decade, the mindfulness movement has become an ever-growing sensation in western society. Taking the fundamentals of eastern meditation practices, mindfulness aims to bring meditation into the mainstream world and express the importance of being present in the moment.

Meditation practice has tons of scientifically proven health and wellness benefits, both physically and mentally, including stress reduction, improvement in cardiovascular health, and increases in self-awareness. A simple meditation practiced every day for ten minutes can do wonders for the brain, body, and perspective of life.

Incorporating mindfulness into modern society is more critical than ever considering the fast-paced, busy lifestyle most people live. With the internet and social media keeping us constantly connected to the world and providing a persistent flow of information, the social expectation to be busy and stressed has led to the widespread epidemic of "workaholism." However, mindfulness can enable us to take a step back and see life as it really is.

Although meditation has religious and spiritual connections in history, thus it doesn't have to be viewed that way perpetually. Now more than ever, anyone can practice meditation regardless of background, ethnicity, social standing, or religious belief. Meditation opens the consciousness in such a way that people can now live their lives more fully than ever before. Even if you do not consider it a practice of spirituality, it can still be a practice of healthy self-care.

Increasing focus on everyday tasks and decreasing concern with the past, future, and/or anything else not happening at the moment is the most essential concept we can take away from the mindfulness movement. Being mindful of your surroundings, of how you treat others, of the growing relationships you can cultivate, and much more can change lives.

Try a guided meditation, such as with the Headspace or Insight Timer app. It is not going to be easy at first; nothing ever is, right? However, with constant practice and training of the mind, you can expand your life experience in ways you never have before. Trust me, taking ten minutes a day away from your daily routine is worth what ten minutes will eventually do for you and your life experience.