Love is overused.

Not the emotion, but the word.

The word “love” is thrown around as frivolously as a greeting.

People think the minute they have any sort of attraction to someone-

bam- they're in love.

But, really?

There’s a difference between love and attraction.

Thinking someone is cute, or thinking their hair looks nice, or even enjoying their company-

that’s all less than love.

Love happens often but not as often as we may think it does.

Love is almost impossible to define but not impossible to notice.

Real love is an addiction.

It’s when you care more about them than yourself.

It’s when you sneak out in the middle of the night, when you know it could get you grounded,

but you need to spend at least five minutes with them.

It’s when the silences are more than comfortable but you enjoy them because you can focus on their breathing and their heartbeat.

It’s when you hang up the phone because it’s ungodly late but you still feel the need to pick up and call back just to hear their voice one more time.

It’s when no matter where you are, in a crowded room, you always look for them.

It’s when you will do anything, and I mean anything, for them,

no matter how it will affect yourself.

It’s when you can’t get enough.

It’s when they wake you up better than coffee can.

Comfort you better than your soft blankets and good music.

Brighten your day more than the sun can brighten up the sky.

Know you better than you know yourself, sometimes.

Run through your mind more often than blood runs through your veins.

They’re your everything.

Your whole world.

And your theirs too - it’s when the feeling is mutual.

So if you’re not insanely in love with someone,

then get out.

End it. Cut the tie. Burn the bridge. Stop.

Don’t settle for less than love.

Because love shouldn’t be mediocre, ya know?

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