MD&M East 2019

Medical Design & Manufacturing East, or MD&M, is the East Coast's biggest medical technology event. This year, the expo was held in New York's Javits Convention Center. The event brought in hundreds of companies from all around the United States, including Johnson & Johnson, 3M Medical Materials & Technologies, Abbott, and many more exhibitors.

Exhibitors show off the advancements they've made in the design and manufacturing industry, with plastics, design engineering, automation, quality, and packaging. Each company has backgrounds in one or more specific fields including 3D printing, biomaterials, injection molding, medical packaging, and more.

Check out these photo highlights from the event.

1. Mold making

Who would've thought Canon used injection molding to make their cameras?

2. Smartscope

This smartscope is used to test quality of manufactured parts.

3. Materials

Materials are shown in different colors to highlight their differences.

4. Microfluidics

These are basically labs on chips! Natech Plastics has microfluidic chips that can be used to analyze blood or DNA.

5. Odd Parts

The magic of manufacturing is shown through these parts.

6. Bright Display

We can thank the marketing team for this bright display that shows off the company's pride.

7. Free candy

Nothing like free candy at an event to reel people in to talk to you.

8. We build success

IMET are specialists in electronics engineering and PCB assembly.

9. Technology imitates art

These aren't from the MoMa, but they look so artistic. Another great addition to the MD&M exhibits.

10. Technology imitates toys

These parts may resemble legos or fancy soap, depending on how you look at it.

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