McMurray Stern Storage Solutions Promises Increased Efficiency Across Industries
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McMurray Stern Storage Solutions Promises Increased Efficiency Across Industries

Storage Solutions

McMurray Stern Storage Solutions Promises Increased Efficiency Across Industries

Storage Solutions

McMurray Stern Storage Solutions Promises Increased Efficiency Across Industries

McMurray Stern is a specialty contracting company dedicated to providing innovative storage solutions to its clients. Through their projects, they assist clients in designing the most effective storage solutions for their location and stay by their side until the storage solution has been installed.

Based in California and business since 1980, McMurray Stern has proven that its innovative storage solutions have the potential to change the way various industries operate. They assist organizations in many industries in achieving an improved workflow and consistently adding value to the market.

One industry that has seen all that McMurray Stern can accomplish is the healthcare industry. While healthcare workers have been fighting on the front line of a global pandemic, McMurray Stern has helped implement various storage solutions to best support the needs of those in this field.

One solution, in particular, that was central to assisting the healthcare industry in combating the pandemic was implementing a compact cold storage solution in a Los Angeles diagnostic laboratory. McMurray Stern helped adjust the lab to process more Covid-19 tests, effectively providing 30,000 square feet of shelled space inside the facility that was suitable for refrigerating the tests.

Further another of their storage solution that has helped the healthcare industry is the Hospital Bed Lift. This storage solution removes hospital beds and stacks them vertically, effectively maximizing available hospital floor space. By keeping their beds in temporary storage out of the way, hospitals can use this solution to reduce fire hazards and free up valuable space in hospitals.

Another valuable industry that has seen the benefits of a McMurray Stern solution is the agriculture industry. Through their High-Density Mobile Storage, clients in this industry can grow the utmost amount of products with a vertical, mobile racking system. The mobile racking solution doubles growth capacity in a given space and is much more efficient than traditional shelving systems.

The industry that has arguably benefited the most from McMurray Stern solutions is the manufacturing and distribution industry. Due to the national shortage of commercial real estate, McMurray Stern’s automated storage solutions are essential to manufacturing warehouses due to their ability to make a space more efficient and thus remove the need to move to a bigger space.

With a surplus of automated solutions, including their Vertical Lifts, Lift&Run, Carousel systems, Robotic systems, and Shuttle Systems, McMurray Stern has crafted automated technology that can store and move objects efficiently throughout a warehouse with no human intervention. The various systems offered provide options for all types of warehouses and ensure that any storage-related issue a client faces can be solved.

Their automated solutions have benefited the manufacturing industry, particularly during the labor shortage, since these advanced robots and systems can work just as independently but more efficiently than a warehouse staff. Thus, McMurray Stern has created various light-out warehouses or facilities that rely entirely on automated equipment and can therefore operate in the dark.

Due to their versatility and adaptability, McMurray Stern solutions have made storage more accessible and efficient for various industries. They have been able to address various problems these industries are up against and create revolutionary storage solutions that have never been done before.

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