Maybe Nothing Has Changed?
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Maybe Nothing Has Changed?

Maybe Nothing Has Changed?

Over your summer break you probably were driving your old car, staying in your old bedroom, and wearing some of your old clothes from high school (if they still fit, mine did not).

Perhaps you visited your old sports team’s practice to say hi and hang out with some old friends. You’ll relish in the fact that your mom still does your laundry and you have clean sheets on your bed every week (not that we ever get lazy and not do laundry for weeks or anything). Although you missed all your friends and always having something to do at college, it’s nice to relax and be back home. For the first week or so at least. Until you get excruciatingly bored. Like I did this summer.

To pass time this summer, I even visited my old high school. I was never one of those kids who had tons of friends and absolutely loved high school, so I surprised even myself when I went to visit my old stomping grounds. 

There was a teacher who I really wanted to visit because she made a huge impact on my life. I also really missed one of our campus security guards and was dying to see his big, old smile again. I was also extremely bored. 

While there, I asked myself a lot of questions. Here’s a warning and heads up of what will happen if you ever find yourself at your old high school.   

1. You will feel really old

“I swear this was a high school when I left. I feel like I should be walking with a cane or something. Why do these kids look like they are in the sixth grade?”  

2. You will feel like everyone is staring at you. 

“OK, I don’t have a backpack on, but why is everyone staring at me? Do I look that old?” 

3. Then you will probably realize it’s because your fashion choices have changed.“Jeez, all these girls are decked out in the latest Brandy Melville and Bloomingdales collections, and I’m wearing a sorority t-shirt and Nike shorts. What happened to me?”

4. You will feel reminiscent.

“Aw, those are the stairs to the building that I fell down at least once a week. Has anyone else taken my place as the school klutz?”

5. You will feel pretty confident you know where you are going, then feel lost.

“I remember where Mrs. Libby’s room was. Wait, why is the door locked? Has she moved classrooms? Where else would she be?”

6. After attending school in another part of the country, you will wonder if all other high schools are like yours.
“I miss having perfect, sunny 75 degree weather while walking to my next class. What do kids in other parts of the country do when it snows outside or is really hot? Do they have indoor halls and buildings? That would be weird. Where would they put their pools?” 

7. You will grow envious of the classrooms’ desks.

“I miss having these big, new desks in all the classrooms. Why do colleges have such tiny desks? College students are bigger, we’re the ones who need more space.” 

8. You will question what these kids do for fun.

“What did we even do for fun in high school? Go gamble at Barona Casino? It’s not like we were going downtown or going to fraternity functions. What do these kids even do on the weekend?” 

9. You will wonder why so much has changed.

“No more trailers in the parking lots? Oh, and they put new turf on the football field. I can’t believe Principal Fisher retired. What else has changed?” 

10. Then you will realize nothing has changed.

“The gym is still old though. The wrestling team won CIF and placed in the state championship again, of course. And the senior and junior parking lots are still filled with the newest BMWs, Mercedes, Audis, and Lexus’s. So this place hasn’t changed after all, huh?”

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