Mauricio Rosero Motivator:
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Mauricio Rosero Motivator:

Mauricio Rosero

Mauricio Rosero Motivator:

People with goals:

People who succeed to pursue their goals in life, are the most motivated ones. This is why motivation is important. It makes us stop seeking for the resources and asking questions, and aligns you towards your goals. Not everyone is born with the motivation, but some people around the globe are a true example of motivation. Mauricio Rosero is also one of them. Don't know much about him? I'll get you through a lot about him.

Mauricio Rosero a Motivator:

Mauricio Rosero is a young motivational speaker from Colombian. He was born on April,30th,1991 in Bogota from Colombia. Plus surprisingly the youngster is only 29 years which is not a big number. He does motivation, shares spiritual content and reflections. He is also a traveler and explores various countries. He has already visited Ecuador, Venezuela, and Mexico.

The urge for motivation:

"Tough conditions in Latin America have raised many eyebrows", the youngster speaks his Heart Out about the conditions of Venezuela. The world has reached the point where everyone is racing to make their lives and conditions better.

This social struggle is going on everywhere to improve their quality of life. Everyone desires the things to align well for a better future of their children. But the question that pops up to one's mind is that why these issues are rising?

Rise of Social inequality:

Some people keep the point of view that this is the cruel behavior of their governments that is leading to social inequality. This is giving rise to hatred among people of society and deaths also occurring. No one turns out to be the winner in these situations. So in the case of when the government is misleading people, the only ways that needed to be found out was a peaceful way against the government.

Social Media Powerful Weapon:

In such a case, the second peaceful option that could make a way out for creating pressure groups to the government was social media. It is no doubt the most powerful weapon among young people to raise their issues. So did Mauricio Rosero do.

Struggles in Venezuela:

Mauricio Rosero after revealing one of his such motivational videos become the voice of many people in Venezuela. This was the power of his content where he expresses the reality yet the ill-famed feelings for the people of Venezuela. Mauricio Rosero has become The voice of young people who had been demanding for a change for the last two decades.

Spreading via. Social media:

The video clip of Mauricio Rosero has already been shared more than 2M times because it speaks for nothing but the true struggle of Venezuelan people for true freedom as a nation. He lost many in the way of standing against the government for freedom. Yet there was a large number of people who came forward and stood with him.

This is all because he thinks love is the only spirit that can put an end to the hated that has been circulating for the decades. On this agenda. People have responded well to his video as it is their mutual fight.

Instagram as the major weapon:

Instagram turned out to be the major support in spreading his word of freedom among the people. His struggles have already earned him more than 170K Instagram followers through which his video melt and motivated the hearts of millions. His true message in the video was well-conceived and understood by people and was well appreciated.

Approach on social media:

I would personally suggest you go check out his profile on Instagram and see his stuff.

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