Matt's Ladies, Analyzed
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Matt's Ladies, Analyzed

The (arguably) hottest Bachelor has arrived, and he's got a crew of ladies vying for his heart.

Matt's Ladies, Analyzed
Bachelor ABC 2021

I'm not going to lie, I am more excited for this season than I have been in past seasons, simply because MATT JAMES is the Bachelor...*swoon*. However, I am a little concerned, for Matt hasn't ever been apart of this franchise. The whole process is completely new to him. Let's hope his BFF Tyler Cameron has given him a few pointers. Nevertheless, it's sure to be a season full of drama. Let's check out Matt's ladies.

Abigail, 25, Client Financial Manager, Beaverton, OR

A Pacific Northwest girl to start us off. She has a hearting impairment, but that hasn't stopped her from "living her life to the fullest"; she loves being outside, and spending time with family. Abigail claims her favorite way to approach a guy is by "accidentally bumping into them". This method may not work well in this situation, but best of luck to her in bumping into Matt.

Alana, 26, Photographer, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

This lady is a world traveler, having spent her college career traveling Europe. She loves exploring local wineries, painting, and cooking. Sounds like the gal for me. Alana calls herself the queen of puns...let's hope she's "punny" enough for Matt!

Alicia, 25, Professional Ballerina, New York, NY

I just have to say this: if you're a pro ballerina in New York City, you gotta be a badass. Alicia is no exception; she started pursuing her career as a professional when she was 13, and has ended up at the Dance Theater of Harlem. She exclaims her love for charcuterie boards (same, girl), and hot chocolate. Alicia's looking for a handsome, intelligent, and respectful man, and lucky for her, Matt James seems to fit all those adjectives.

Amber, 30, Nursing Student, Costa Mesa, CA

Amber, a single mother, spends most of her Saturday nights enjoying dinner and board games with her 13-year-old son. Now, I don't want to jinx her, but I can't say the success rate for single parents on this show is great. She certainly is brave, though, saying that she once had to run away from a mountain lion while traveling through Joshua Tree, California. In her favor, Matt sure does love an adventurous girl!

Anna, 24, Copywriter, Chicago, IL

A small town girl, Anna was born and raised in Minnesota. Her parents nicknamed her Hollywood due to her love for "chic scarves and oversized sunglasses". She says she was always meant for "something bigger", and how much bigger does it get than starring on the Bachelor?! Hopefully Matt doesn't like fish, for Anna claims she is "terrified" of fish. LOL. To each her own, I guess.

Bri, 24, Communications Manager, San Francisco, CA

Raised by her mother and grandmother, Bri is all about the girl power. She works for a high-profile social media company, but says she's ready to focus on her personal life, hoping Matt is the "man of her dreams". Bri dreams of living in Kauai someday, and she even has a wave tattoo on her left wrist. Here's hoping Matt's a fan of Hawai'i!

Carolyn, 30, Journalist, Los Angeles, CA

Red flag alert: Carolyn describes herself as a "serial monogamist". However, she says she is now looking for a man who is willing to take care of her. Her ultimate turnoff is a man who is constantly "name-dropping or bragging about his money", and hopes to find someone passionate about philanthropy. Matt's a good guy, that much we know; let's hope he isn't turned off by her love for monogamy.

Chelsea, 28, Runway Model, Brooklyn, NY

Those HOOPS! Yes girl! Although she holds a degree in business, Chelsea decided to quit her full-time job in corporate America and pursue modeling. You go, girl! Her dating past consists of a five-year relationship that she ended a little over a year ago, feeling she had "outgrown" him. Hopefully can keep up with an ambitious, hot momma like Chelsea.

Casandra, 25, Social Worker, Newport Beach, CA

Allll the California gals on this season. Casandra spent most of her early 20s pursuing her master's degree in social work, but now that she's graduated, she's ready to find love. She admits that it has been hard to find "the one", but believes Matt is her type. Sunflowers are the key to her heart - take notes, Matt!

Corrinne, 22, Marketing Manager, Pomfret, CT

Her bio claims she's 22, but this lady looks much more mature than that. She does marketing work for her family business, a high-end Italian restaurant. Slight red flag though - she loves Disney World and has been there more times than she can count. I mean, I'm all for Disney, but if you're 22 and that's the place you'd choose to go on vacation, I'd suggest widening your horizons a little bit...

Emani, 25, Realtor, Albuquerque, NM

I found this factoid from her bio to be awesome - when asked if she could be anyone else for the day, Emani says she would be herself because she is "pretty cool". LOVE the confidence, Emani. She loves to cook, showing her love through an old-fashioned, home-cooked meal. She also loves '90s R&B. Something tells me Matt's gonna like this one.

Illeana, 25, Health Food Developer, New York, NY

This girl is near the top of my list - she recently co-developed her own nutrition snack, "Funky Munky Energy", and hopes to make a name for herself in the health food world. We love an ambitious health queen! She "loves love" more than anything. Fingers crossed Matt feels the same way.

Jessenia, 27, Social Media Marketer, San Antonio, TX

This lady is STUNNING, if I do say so myself. She's a former pageant queen, having won Miss El Paso in 2016. She's looking for a man who is adventurous, and Matt certainly matches that criteria. Jessenia has three dogs, so hopefully Matt's a dog person!

Kaili, 26, Hostess, Chicago, IL

Kaili's love language's are quality time and acts of service. She's dyed her hair every color in the book, which raises a few questions, but hey, you do you, girl. She dreams of completing an ultra-marathon someday...possibly with Matt?!

Katie, 29, Bank Marketing Manager, Renton, WA

Katie describes she is done wasting her time on "boys who won't live up to her expectations". Amen, sis. Her idea of a fun date is skinny-dipping, and considering all the nudity on Claire's/Tayshia's season, maybe this will come true with Matt. She once planned a dog flash mob - I wish I could've seen that! Sounds like a fun lady.

Khaylah, 28, Healthcare Advocate, Durham, NC

Khaylah describes her life as "all about giving back", but she claims she's ready to focus on herself and find a man who will "sweep her off her feet". She loves Rihanna, glamping (not to be confused with camping), and a good tailgate. Maybe together, her, Matt, and Rihanna can work together to make the world a better place.

Kimberly, 28, Airline Recruiter, Seattle, WA

Radiating joy everywhere she goes, Kimberly is carefree and spontaneous, having "no problem" with picking up her life and moving to a new town on a whim - maybe even to Matt's town in Florida?! She's an anti-cat lady, and also an anti-foot fetish lady. (I'm with ya there, sister.) She emphasizes that she would not enjoy a date to a cemetery...hopefully that won't be an issue on the Bachelor, LOL.

Kit, 21, Fashion Entrepreneur, New York, NY

Although my eyebrows raised a little after seeing this lady's age, she seems quite ambitious, currently finishing her last year of undergrad at NYU. She expresses past difficulty in finding a man who can measure up to her "level of emotional intelligence" and her "maturity level". For a 21-year-old, this gal sure has high standards!

Kristin, 27, Attorney, Virginia Beach, VA

I guess we welcomed on all of the "K" names this season. Kristin holds the impressive career of an attorney, and complains that her intense job hasn't left her much spare time to date. She loves receiving pink roses from guys, but hopefully she'll settle for Matt's red rose.

Lauren, 29, Corporate Attorney, Miami, FL

Another attorney, Lauren is a successful corporate lawyer, and she even had her law reviews recently published. Although she's from Florida, Lauren expresses her fear of lizards and frogs, which are likely hard to avoid in Miami. She does love 2000s hip-hop, however, and hopefully Matt matches that vibe. The two can bond over some 50 Cent.

Magi, 32, Pharmacist, Adwa, Ethiopia

This girl's bio alone is inspiring. She grew up in a small village in Ethiopia, and describes moving to the U.S. as the "scariest thing she has ever done". She now stands as a role model for young women back in Ethiopia, a successful pharmacist. Magi even runs a nonprofit that supplies shoes to girls back in her hometown! We love a gorgeous philanthropist.

Mari, 24, Marketing Director, Odenton, MD

Mari boasts the title of Miss Maryland USA in 2019, and even placed in the Top 10 at Miss USA. (We all know the Bachelor producers love the beauty pageant queens!) At the top of her bucket list is visiting an elephant sanctuary in Thailand. Sounds like a great date idea for the show, if only COVID wasn't present. Maybe someday, Mari!

Marylynn, 28, Event Coordinator, Studio City, CA

Marylynn's pic makes her look FIERCE, and fierce she is. Another Disney lover, Marylynn shares that she adores Disneyland. She hopes to one day start companies focused on the promotion of environmental welfare and healthy lifestyle choices. Hopefully Matt shares the same desire to make the world a healthier place.

MJ, 23, Hair Stylist, Hudson, OH

An island girl of sorts, MJ grew up on a small island in Lake Erie. As a result, she loves spending time outdoors and on the water. Good thing Matt enjoys the same! She loves a good spicy margarita (same, girl), and says the best trip of her life was camping in the Sahara desert. How dope!

Pieper, 23, Graduate Student, Happy Valley, OR

I have to say I LOVE Pieper's hair. There's more to her than her looks though, pursuing her master's in marketing. She's only missing a man by her side. The ABC site states that "Matt will have no problem" seeing that she's a total catch. A potential Easter egg? We shall see!

Rachael, 24, Graphic Designer, Cumming, Georgia

Can honestly say I've never heard of Cumming, Georgia. Anyways Rachael describes herself as a hopeless romantic, hoping her love story will be something "huge" and "life altering". I'd say going on the Bachelor is a good start on the "life altering" part. Although she is neat with organization and cleanliness, she is messy with plans and schedule. Good thing that on the Bachelor, there are no rules, amiright?!

Saneh, 25, IT Consultant, Denver, CO

Saneh comes off as a great girl - she was inducted into the University of Florida Hall of Fame for outstanding leadership, service, and academic achievement. Like Matt, she loves the great outdoors, enjoying hiking, kayaking, and sunrise yoga on a regular basis. She's looking for an adventure partner, and Matt sounds like the perfect fit for this gem.

Sarah, 24, Broadcast Journalist, San Diego, CA

This woman's a trained fire dancer, but will she be able to dance in the flames that are sure to ignite on the Bachelor?! Real talk though, Sarah is in search of the other half of her power couple, looking for her fairytale ending. That smize, though...will Matt be intimidated?! Only time will tell.

Serena C., 24, Flight Attendant, San Francisco, CA

Serena C. says her time in quarantine has made her reflect on what she wants in a partner, and is confident that Matt is her perfect match. Her ideal date, getting dressed up, watching the sunset paired with a thought-provoking conversation, sounds like a date straight out of the Bachelor. She loves bottomless mimosas and chicken wings, but I mean, who doesn't?!

Serena P., 22, Publicist, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Serena P. is a firm believer that no matter the age gap, when you know, you know. Although there's only a six year age gap between her and Matt, hopefully he can look past her young age. I mean, I'm 23, and I'm certainly not ready to get married! She is firm in that whoever her partner is, he must be willing to share his food with her, and also describes herself as "chronically hangry". LOL. Relatable.

Sydney, 28, Marketing Specialist, Nashville, TN

Sydney is described by her family as "opinionated"; she knows what she wants and isn't afraid to say it. Could she be the source for some drama this season?! She is "creeped out" by amusement parks, and is allergic to avocados. The lack of love for avocados could pose a potential problem amongst the other girls in the house, and hopefully there aren't any dates taking place at amusement parks! Looking forward to some potential drama with Sydney this season.

Victoria, 27, Queen, Los Angeles, CA

I'm sorry, but listing your occupation as "queen" in your bio is not a good look. As depicted by this, Victoria has a big personality and needs a strong man who can keep up with her but isn't controlling. Her love language is physical la la! Here's hoping this lady makes it to the fantasy suites with Matt, but the odds aren't great, in my opinion.

As of right now, purely off the bios provided by ABC's website, my money's on Matt going home with Abigail, Casandra, or Serena C. Tune in to watch Matt James' journey to find love begin Monday, January 4th at 8/7 central. It's sure to be the "most dramatic season yet".

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