A Massachusetts Summer Bucket List

My mind is constantly on summer. Summer seems to be so far away since there's still six more weeks of school, but it is fast approaching! I am determined to have the best summer yet, so making a bucket list will help me do that. Even though it's early, making a list of things to do before summer starts will motivate you to actually do them when the time comes! Use this list or add your own ideas to it to make the most fulfilled summer!


  • to Water Country
  • to Six Flags New England
  • to your old elementary school playground
  • to the Lawn on D in Boston
  • to a Red Sox game


  • your favorite band in concert
  • the fireworks at Hampton Beach
  • a movie at the Leicester or Mendon drive-in
  • old friends
  • a new state or country


  • ice cream from an ice cream truck
  • homemade smoothies
  • from that restaurant you've been dying to go to
  • something you've never tried before
  • s'mores while you camp outside


  • a dance party in an empty parking lot
  • an adventure in a town you've never explored
  • an all night Netflix marathon
  • a picnic in Boston Common


  • tie-dye
  • up dances to your favorite songs
  • a physical photo album
  • a hiking trip to Mt. Monadnock
  • memories
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