Contradiction is killing us.

Global warming isn’t real, and yet we’re having once in a life time storms on multiple occasions throughout a year. We’re blaming gun violence on the mentally ill, and yet we’re gutting bills that prevent diagnosed individuals from purchasing firearms.

But then again, are these shooters necessarily mentally ill at all?

Without a doubt, gun violence is real, and it’s happening, no matter who the perpetrator is. Though, and with every new instance, there seems to be a new cause. When the suspect is Caucasian, the cause immediately is identified as mental illness related. However, when the suspect is of any other non-white descent, the act is labeled as terrorism.

So what’s the truth?

According to Oxford Dictionaries, terrorism is the "unlawful use of violence and intimidation, especially against civilians, in the pursuit of political aims". Therefore, any event in which individuals are harmed by the actions of any other individual is considered terrorism.

The most recent act of terrorism occurred at a church in Sutherland Springs, Texas which left 26 citizens dead. Now, while the shooter, Davin Kelly, did happen to be mentally ill, the action of entering the building with an assault rifle and firing freely is still considered terrorism.

See, the problem is not the people, because no matter what, excuses will be made and these tragedies will keep occurring. This can even be seen in studies listing countries with the highest amount of mass shootings the United States is always number one, and with the way that we’re going along, it doesn’t appear that we’ll ever be losing that top spot.i

Las Vegas, Orlando, Blacksburg, Newtown, Sutherland Springs, Killeen, San Ysidro, Austin, Sandy Hook

The only question we have left to ask is: who’s next?