Mason Soiza Philanthropist The SEO Web Entrepreneur

Mason Soiza Philanthropist The SEO Web Entrepreneur

Builds Orphanage in Myanmar


When we hear news of abandoned children, our hearts fill with sorrow and agony for these children. Fortunately, we have an incredible number of compassionate people that take it upon themselves to do as much as they can to save as many children as possible. This can mean anything from building orphanages, setting up foundations for orphaned children, and even adopting children themselves. Many of those involved are major characters in our current mainstream culture, but there are some that you may be surprised to hear of.

About Mason Soiza

Mason Soiza, a successful web entrepreneur, is becoming quite the philanthropist as he encourages and contributes good works to help those who are not as fortunate. At a young age, Soiza became a wealthy entrepreneur. He successfully became involved in numerous businesses, and like most young and wealthy, has had to endure the damage of paparazzi and press with the media.

Nevertheless, he continues to push forward in running his businesses and helping the less fortunate. His skill and career in business are just the beginning, and he already is putting the right message out there by providing assistance to the less fortunate and those without the funds to study.

Where and how?

Myanmar, a Southeast Asian nation, faces many crises today with refugees, hunger, and of course, orphaned children with nowhere to go. Throughout Myanmar, there are around 280 centers, which may seem like a decent amount. However, these centers are supposed to care for over 36,000 documented orphans that are recognized by the Social Staff Department.

This does not take into consideration those that are on the streets or simply not recognized. It is a country in dire need of assistance with building more places for these children to go. Mason Soiza is stepping in to do just that. He has dedicated time and money to creating and building more orphanages to ensure these children have a place to go.

His contributions are giving more of these children chances to live a better life. The orphanages will be bigger than the current centers, which will allow for more children to be placed and provide more space per child. Soiza visited numerous orphanages and centers throughout the country to understand the different aspects that need to be considered when taking on a commitment like this.

He spent time shadowing the staff and even going to the children to see what they all thought, what they wanted to be better. When speaking with Soiza about taking on this feat, he challenged others who are fortunate enough to live so successfully to take it upon themselves to do more for those who haven't even been given a chance.

What's next?

Mason Soiza is already in talks to build several more education centers in Rangoon as well as smaller satellite towns in and around the capital. Him being a web entrepreneur, he will educate the kids in web marketing as well as coding classes that entice the kids to become successful in life and earn money for their families

The coding classes will handle things such as PHP, PERL, Python and many different stacks and frameworks, regardless of the age of the student, several employers have already shown interest in hiring the students once they gained their relevant certificates. This is a one of a kind project. The best students even have the opportunity to go into higher up classes specially tuned for higher IQ students. Want to know more or even sponsor? Let us know in the comments! Follow us on Instagram!


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Military Girlfriends Are Just Wives Without The Label

"A military girlfriend is just a wife in waiting, no one would go through this if they weren't in it for the long haul."-Anonymous


Over the years, I have seen the military only showing recognition towards wives of soldiers. It feels like the military believes only wives are worthy of recognition. I am a girlfriend to a U.S. soldier, and I think it's completely unfair. In my eyes, a wife and a faithful girlfriend are both surviving the same situational circumstances, but the wives just get to reap the benefits with their soldier.

Girlfriends go through the same things as the wives. We wait to see them, sometimes really long periods of time. We wait in line after line to be able to see our men.

Whether I am a girlfriend or wife, I believe the military should take every soldiers relationship seriously.

When your soldier deploys, girlfriends won't be given any information related to his job. I know we can't know where they are, but it would be nice to be able to know where he's stationed at and that he's okay.

One of the worst parts is that if something happens to him you won't be the first person the military calls. I understand his intermediate family should probably be notified, but if you are very committed to your soldier then the military should inform all loved ones, including girlfriends.

Living on his post is not an option for girlfriends. Girlfriends have to live off post hopefully somewhere close by. Sometimes girlfriends like to live with their boyfriends, and if that was me having that off post rule would definitely bother me. If your soldier moves away because you have the girlfriend label on your back the military won't support your move.

Living this lifestyle is not easy, and I understand why the military can't treat girlfriends like wives. No one willingly would put up with this lifestyle if they didn't love the person that's in it. For someone to be just a girlfriend, we deal with so much that seems unbearable to outsiders.

I just believe that military girlfriends are more than just girlfriends. Girlfriends are basically wives without the label, but whether the military acknowledges us or not.

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7 Metrics to Pay Attention to For Your Social Media Campaign

Social Media Campaign


Social media marketing cannot solely make your business get where you want it to be. You need to know the impact that the campaigns you have so far carried out has on your business. The reason as to why it is essential to have a social media tracker in play. It will help you in collecting data regarding how your campaigns are performing. Collection of such data is not merely procedural; it has some weight to it. You must analyze it.

Social sharing analytics, for instance, will help you discern which campaign activities you will channel your resources to. They will also guide you when strategizing, and this way you can be able to improve the number of shares you are getting from your Facebook marketing posts and heave your returns on investment.

The following are metrics you have probably been brushing off but need to give attention.

1. Likes and reactions to your post

For any fruitful marketing strategy, the response and likes should be evaluated. Why so? It tells you a lot. It is through this metric that you will have a clue of where your audience interests lie and it will also help you to determine the type of content you should be having in future. This metric will help you to make better decisions when sending content to different audiences. It will stop you from doing blind campaigns.

2. Keeping track of mentions

Why is monitoring mentions essential? The mentions are a direct connection to your leads. It is time to give some attention to those notifications that you continually get when your audience tags you on a particular post. Also, the mentions will lead you to more detailed reactions. There are third-party tools that can help you keep track of your mentions in case you fail to get direct tags.

3. Audience Demographics

It is one of the most important metrics that you cannot afford to ignore. Audience demographics will give you detailed information concerning your audience. This information will, in turn, assist you in making more informed decisions in light of your social media marketing campaigns.

As the number of shares and followers increase and vice versa, you will know whether your efforts with the sponsored posts were worth your while, and you will make a proper discernment on whether to invest in more paid ads or discontinue.

Various aspects of your fan base will also help you to strategize and produce content they would be more interested in. Social media platforms will provide you a means by which you will be able to have a look at the overview of your audience.

4. Comments and replies

There is no better way of finding out whether your audience finds your content interesting or exciting. The comment section is where you need to visit to find out what your audience wants. The beauty of it is that you are getting direct feedback. It will come in handy when you need to know where you went right or wrong on a particular campaign or post.

5. Content being shared

The material or posts being shared are a reflection of how the audience behold your content. Highly shared content can be interpreted to it being of help and interest to the audience. A high rate of shares means that there is a corresponding growth in the reach.

6. Audience growth rate

Maybe the most obvious measurement to quantify your performance. The audience growth rate at different periods of your marketing campaigns will tell you whether you are doing good or not. An analysis of this data will help you strategize for your next campaign effectively.

7. Most favorable time for engagement

Last but not least, you need to keep an eye on the most opportune time to engage your clients. It will significantly help in saving your time and money. How so? By viewing your daily audience activities, you can tell how the engagement hours shift with time. Such knowledge will equip you in customizing your strategies and post your content at the most optimal time: giving you a better return on investment.

If you use the mentioned metrics, you will notice a significant improvement in your marketing campaigns and the number of followers you get.

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