The problem with systematic third wave feminism is that they believe men as a whole are systematically responsible for oppressing women, rape, as well as other problems they face as a whole.

However, this couldn't be further from the truth.

Here in modern America and all of the world's civilized society rape is looked upon as one of the most disgusting things a human can do.

I am a man. A man with masculinity and proud of my masculinity. For some reason, I don't have the urge to go an assault some women and never had that urge.

The reason being is simple, my parents raised my right.

My parents raised me to be gentle and respectful towards women. The best way to stop rapists is to raise men to be men.

Men should be protective of women.

They should love and treat them with care. Any man who dares touch a woman inappropriately or forces himself on her against her will is a coward. Personally, I am all for the idea of stricter punishments for those who attack women.

That being said, third wave feminism shouldn't blame men as a whole or "toxic masculinity" for the reasons women get assaulted. Also, concepts such as stare rape or unaware systematic oppression should in most cases not be taken seriously.

You can't rape someone by looking at them.

Another thing is if a man holds the door for you or says hello, that shouldn't be scorned at.

Not everything a man does is because he wants something. Maybe he is just being polite.

To end my rant here, real men don't rape.

Laying your hands on a women is completely disrespectful, rude and disgusting behavior and I feel we as a society should be more scornful towards this.