Everyone has that one thing in their life they can turn to and no matter it’s always there for them. For some, it’s Netflix, their favorite Jane Austen novel, or a caramel macchiato from Starbucks. However, for me, my saving grace comes in a little tube with a wand.

Mascara has been there for me through the tough times and the good.

Whenever I’ve feeling low mascara is always there to pick me up, and when I’m feeling fierce, mascara helps me serve some LOOKS. Mascara can help you become the best version of you, and therefore it’s an essential BFF.

Many women turn to makeup for special occasions or for holidays to feel extra special. Unless you’re like me, where you live and breathe for cosmetics. As a daily makeup-wearer, I have tried my fair share of numerous makeup products. I’ve learned what works, and what doesn’t. The product that I have found to be the most vital is of course… mascara.

Mascara is perfect for those days when you just don’t quite get enough sleep and need to add the “appearance” of sleep. It doesn’t matter if you just roll out of bed, throw on old clothes, and barely brush your hair, adding a swig of mascara will make you look ten times more awake.

Need some variety in your life? Purple, blue, and even green mascara are becoming more and more popular. Spice of your daily makeup routine with one of these fun colors for a more a daring look.

Don’t you hate when you realize your all out of a product right when you reach for it. Mascara can help resolves one of those problems by doubling as eyeliner. Applying a small amount of mascara and rubbing it on the bottom lash line can act as an eyeliner too and give a smooth, smoky look!

I don’t know about you, but I can feel like complete trash, but the moment I add some mascara BOOM I am new woman. This may seem simple and silly, but it’s true! Taking two minutes to apply mascara can drastically change how you feel about yourself and help boost confidence.

Let’s just say, the price could be worse. I’ve tried all sorts of mascaras, from high to low end. My conclusion: you can find just as nice drug store mascaras that do the job well compared to the overly priced high end retailers. The drugstore hasn’t mastered every makeup item but they seemed to have nailed mascara!

Finally, mascara can just make you feel better about yourself. It’s crazy to think that something in a small tube can play a such big impact but it’s true. So, if you’re looking for a new style, or just want a little extra “oomf”, try adding mascara to your routine, your lashes will thank you.