For all of you that know me well, you will know my love for Dunkin' Donuts. I always seem to have a Dunkin's iced coffee in my hand. Even though they don't have probably the most quality coffee in the world I always find that it just tastes amazing. However, I am not opposed to finding different coffee places that I like. I love Dippin Donuts coffee, but it's too far away from me. I also really enjoy Starbucks, however, I think it's extremely overpriced and I honestly just cannot afford to have that everyday. I have heard a lot about Marylou's Coffee and I have wanted to try it for a while. I feel like there has been so much hype about it and it really intrigued me. I have seen pictures of their coffee shops and think they are absolutely adorable. There really isn't one near where I live, but when I was down at the cape this past weekend I finally got to try it. Now this isn't really a review of Marylou's it is more of a first impression.

Now when I walked in I thought the inside of Marylou's was absolutely adorable. It was not busy when I walked in, there was probably maybe two people in front of me however the people behind the counter were running around like crazy people as if there were 50 people in line. The girls sort of bombarded me and my friend when they asked for our coffee order. They yelled at us in a super high pitched voice saying "WHAT CAN I GET FOR YA?!" and I have to say I was really taken aback by how they asked for our order. It sort of sounded like they were annoyed that they had to take our order and it was very condescending. Not all the girls were like this, but the one that took my order just sort of irritated me. So I ordered my coffee (a medium iced coffee with milk and sugar), nothing too fancy, I'm not really into coffee flavors because I genuinely enjoy the taste of coffee. So I got my coffee which you know always great and I am ready to pay but the girl tells me to "hold on" because another girl is using the cash register, which is totally fine. However, it took this girl maybe 10 minutes to check the people in front of me out and then then she couldn't ring me out until the other girl who took my actual order came over. Now that girl was behind the counter just eating pizza and I was standing waiting to pay for like a good 15 minutes. I finally paid for my reasonably priced coffee and finally was able to leave. I left just a tiny bit annoyed by the fact that I had to wait so long but I was still excited to try the actual coffee.

Now the coffee itself didn't taste bad, I actually thought it was pretty good. However, there was, like, no ice in it and because the ice is just kept in a bin behind the counter, just melting, my coffee was still warm. It was not iced at all and the fact that it was warm really pissed me off since it was 90 degrees out and I just wanted a cold, iced coffee. I was extremely disappointed by this. So when I got back to the house I was staying at, I had to put more ice in the coffee then stick it in the freezer to make it colder. Once I did this the coffee was very good and I quite enjoyed it. It was just sort of annoying that it wasn't given to me like that. Now I don't know if I went to Marylou's at a bad time or it just wasn't that good of a Marylou's but I was sort of disappointed by it. Now I will try it again because I know it is probably better then my first experience. But as of right now I give Marylou's a B/B — as a whole.