Why Marvel's "Spider-Man: Homecoming" Is Worth A Watch

When I heard that there would be yet another actor being introduced to us as Spider-Man years after the release of "The Amazing Spider-Man 2," I was quite skeptical.

I will start off by saying that I am not a die-hard fan in the sense that I read all the comics and swear by Tobey Maguire's original performance (because I never actually read the comics and because I only watched the original Spider-Man when I was really young and only remember the basics of the plot). However, I was a die-hard fan of "The Amazing Spider-Man" movies (I know, I know. I apologize). But I wasn't incredibly excited to hear that Andrew Garfield would no longer be Spider-Man.

But when I went to see "Captain America: Civil War," I was not expecting to see Spider-Man (yes, I may have cried a little bit in the theater because Spider-Man is my favorite ever and I was so happy), though I still didn't think that the new Spider-Man, Tom Holland, could carry his own movie.


He totally did.

I loved the new movie, "Spider-Man: Homecoming." And while no, I wouldn't rank it quite as high as "The Amazing Spider-Man" (sorry again to you Tobey Maguire die-hards), it was still so worth seeing in theaters. While the movie can be frustrating because of the seeming mistrust of Tony Stark...

and Peter's general inability to be a superhero at the beginning of the movie...

the plot ends up becoming a great coming-of-age story, with lots of funny moments as well as lots of room in the story for a sequel (which seems to be currently scheduled for July 2019). 10/10 highly recommend. And time to start waiting.

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