Why Was Mark Zuckerberg Testifying
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Why Was Mark Zuckerberg Testifying

I rolled my eyes so many times

Why Was Mark Zuckerberg Testifying
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I have an issue with Mark Zuckerberg’s testifying before Congress.

First of all, I understand that the senators have to approach and grill Zuckerberg to the fullest extent when it comes to the privacy of Facebook. However, I think that the national competence is also something that needs to be considered. Some of the senators are claiming that Facebook is sly in applying a hefty privacy policy to the people. As of right now, Facebook has the run-of-the-mill, pay attention to the fine print sort of terms of agreement that a user would have to accept in order to utilize the site. Part of this print allows for Zuckerberg and Facebook to post ads to people who have specifically expressed interest in a product. For example, they discuss a woman who has posted that she is going skiing. She has then made it known that she is a woman, and that she skis. Facebook then receives money from a ski company to post a sale of skis on her timeline, without disclosing her private information to that advertiser. This is Facebook utilizing their right to the data posted on the website, while still protecting its consumers. The senators want the public to understand fully and comprehensively that they give the rights to the information to Facebook.

However, I think this is unnecessary. Facebook is a privately owned website on the public internet. It is open to anyone who agrees to its terms. The terms are given to you, and if you do not care enough to read the fine print then it is not Facebook’s fault that you are upset. You were not tricked. In addition, it is publically known that Facebook uses your information to run certain ads to you. It is no coincidence that you can peruse a website for clothes and then ads pop up on your timeline. You agreed to this, and your laziness is not an excuse for a national outcry. In addition, if there is anything that you post that is so dramatic and private, it should not be posted online anyway.

I also think that Facebook is a platform for one’s opinion. While “fake news” should be monitored to an extent, this should not cross the line between what one believes, and what just simply is not true. With this, I do not think it is Facebook’s responsibility to have to monitor what people are saying. Not only does that completely tie in with the what the above argued against, but Facebook is a platform. It was designed to make money while also connecting people, not to be an outlet of news. It should be the government’s responsibility to correct the wrong. That’s what the public does with Wikipedia! Why should we expect more from a website we are not even considered a credible source than with the internet as a whole. Maybe then, too, Facebook will finally become a sensible place for arguments.

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