10 Types Of March Madness Fans, As Told By 'The Office' Gifs

At Villanova and other major basketball schools, March Madness is practically the second coming of Jesus Christ himself. Since The Office is already extremely relatable and funny, why not combine the two? Here is a list of every type of "watcher" you have during March Madness if they gifs from The Office.

1. The ones who had Arizona in the Final Four for their brackets.

2. The die-hard Villanova fans.

3. The die-hard UNC fans.

4. The ones whose brackets predicted all the upsets.

5. The ones whose brackets predicted NONE of the upsets.

6. The one that has to explain EVERYTHING to the uneducated.

7. The people that make their brackets based on mascots.

8. The ones who didn't make their brackets because they were too busy "working."

9. The one who lies about their bracket.

10. The ones that watched their team upset the favorite to win.

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