6 Reasons March Madness Is The Best Time Of The Year

6 Reasons March Madness Is The Best Time Of The Year

Basketball all day, every day.


A college basketball following is basically a cult. You root for your favorite teams all the way to the conference tournaments and then, hopefully, your team will make it to March Madness. This tournament is played at the end of March into the beginning of April and is a whirlwind for every college involved.

1. Basketball, all day, every day.

2. Brackets

3. Light-hearted (or not-so-light-hearted) rivalry

4. MAJOR upsets


An 16-seed beating a 2-seed, I mean, come ON! But preferably they busts everyone's brackets but yours.

5. Phone calls home to see how your bracket is doing in the office pools

6. The eye-rolls you get when you say who you have in the championship

This year I have UNC beating Duke in the final...I cannot count of two hands how many eye rolls I get for that one!

7. Commercials

Charles Barkley, Samuel Jackson, and Spike Lee teaming up for hilarious Capital One commercials that give me life!

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