Dear Future Husband,

I want you to know that you are my everything. But that one little sentence doesn't even begin to scratch the surface on my feelings for you.

Since our first date, I knew that you were going to be something special, a boy like no other boy that I have ever gone out with before. My heart was racing as I was continuously wiping my clammy hands on my jeans seating in the passenger seat of your car. I couldn't stop choking on my own breath to talk to you and tell you about myself. You kept asking me questions and I wanted to answer but my mouth was so dry that I just couldn't manage to answer and ask about you. I wanted to get to know you that night. I wanted to find out what made you tick, what your hopes and dreams were, what made you happy. I remember when the night was over, you were such a gentleman, you got out of the car and walked me to the door. Did I get a kiss goodnight? No, but that was perfectly okay to me. I was more than just content with that hug that left the smell of your cologne linger in my thoughts for the night. I know what you're thinking, I've told you all of this before. But there's something I didn't tell you. When I got inside and shut the front door, I leaned up against the wall with a smile and thinking to myself "God, please let him be the one."

Everything was going so amazingly. Better than I could have ever imagined. Before I knew it I was meeting your parents and you were meeting mine. Then I became the girl that was lucky enough to call you mine and to be called your girlfriend. One day, those three (not so) little words slipped out of your mouth, completely shocking me and leaving me utterly speechless. How could you be so sure of such a thing to say? And I'm assuming that my reaction, or lack of one, was made you take it back. But soon enough, we were wrestling around on her bed, my legs twisted up all over you like a pretzel--wait.ting for dinner to be ready--when you said "I love you" again. "And this time I mean it" followed those three little words out of your mouth. All of these thoughts whirled through my brain,. I couldn't believe what I had just heard. I was more than delighted to let you know how I felt about you too. But I've yet to actually ever let you know all of my thoughts and feelings about you.

Even though you may not have been with me through every waking moment that I've been in college and working on my degree, I feel like you've been there for the most important and vital parts. When I decided that I wanted to begin cheering again, you were telling me to do what I love. Although you weren't there for all my basketball games, I know you'll be there for my competitions in the near future. For our second Christmas together you bought me a snowboard and helped me learn our to ride. So of course why wouldn't you have helped me when I broke my thumb snowboarding? Boy, did that time with limited thumb usage totally suck but it would have sucked more if I didn't have you by my side. All I need to make me happy with my college career is for you to be by my side in my graduation photos (maybe sneak in some pictures with our fur babies too).

Rewinding in time a little bit to our first vacation. Most people probably would have been royally annoyed that it was rainy and cold for most of the days that we spent on our vacation. But those people clearly weren't lucky enough to be on vacation with you. That cabin on the lake was beautiful; falling asleep by your side and waking up to sip coffee on the porch every morning was amazing. They say that you know that you're with your forever person if you can be stuck in a little space with them or go on vacation with them and not hate one another by the end it all. I like to believe that this is true and you're my forever.

Now here we are, a year and a half after our first date planning our second vacation with each other and I can't think of anyone that I would rather spend a week on the beach with than you. I can't even imagine what I would do if you weren't the one I would be soaking up the sun with.

I hope that we move on from planning vacations with each other to planning out the rest of our lives together. Because when I think of my future, I see you in it. So I hope you plan on sticking around for a little bit because I want you to be my forever and always.

Your Future Wife