In all honesty, does anyone like a power outage in the winter? The heat doesn’t work, it gets dark fairly early, and you can’t cozy up to watch your favorite shows or movies. However, as strange as it is, I loved power outages as a kid. Those were the days when my brother and I would build forts in the living room and run around the house with our flashlights, listening to our dad play his guitar.

To us, power outages were just an excuse to get creative, and enjoy each other’s company without the distractions of everyday life. Although, back then, what distractions were there? We didn’t know what Wi-Fi was. We didn’t have social media accounts that we needed to access. We didn’t have this urge to constantly charge our electronics or stream our favorite shows. Yes, we loved our T.V and all our computer games, but those were luxuries to us, not daily necessities.

But now? I’m sitting in a house without power, wondering when the WI-FI will come back on, when the heat will work again, or when we’ll be able to start cooking dinner. Instead of making the most of this situation, I keep asking when this will end. And I’m actually irritated with myself.

I’m doing everything except living in the present moment, as usual.

After some thinking, I’ve decided that I’ll use the rest of this night, and the following days, as a test. I always say I’m going to stop going on Instagram frequently and do something productive with my life, but when?

What better time than now, when I’m literally forced to do this?

The lack of lighting (and heat) is pretty awful, but maybe these times are necessary. These days and nights make us appreciate everything we have a little bit more. At least, for me they do.

Light a few candles. Listen to music or create some playlists. Write in that journal you keep saying you’ll use, but still haven’t opened. Read that book that’s been collecting dust on your top shelf. Play cards with your family or roommates.

I always say I need more free time - more time to breathe - and here it is. Yet, when the power first went out, I was so bitter. I’m not saying I snapped my fingers and instantly became super happy about this situation, but I'm going to make the best of it.

For now, I’m off to go build a fort and listen to some music.