Everyone knows Khalid's song "Young, Dumb & Broke." I know I had it on repeat for days when the song first came out. But I have to say, Khalid got one thing wrong. The lyrics should have been "young, dumb, and broke college kids," not "young, dumb, and broke high school kids." In high school, you still have your parents you can rely on. But in college, it is a whole different ball game. You are expected to be more independent and self-supporting. I never had a real job in high school other than babysitting so coming to college I wasn't sure what to do. All I knew was I wanted to start earning some money by myself. Ultimately I have started to work at Panera but before I started working here are a few small things I have learned about how to make money in college.

1. Participate in research studies

Rutgers is a large research university and professors are always conducting different research studies. In large halls, there are often flyers asking you to participate. I would 100% recommend that you do! They usually pay very nicely and it isn't too much work. It is also really cool to be a part of a real research study rather than just reading about it.

2. Fill out surveys

Sometimes your campus student organization or professors will send out links to surveys/invites to events which if you attend/complete could get you the chance of winning a gift card/money onto your student account. This isn't guaranteed to give you money but partaking surveys/contests really don't take much time and are kind of fun! It is definitely something I do on campus.

3. Tutor fellow students

Tutoring in a subject you are good at benefits both you and the student struggling. You can make money while reviewing concepts for yourself and helping another student. Not to forget, this also looks very nice on a resume.

4. Look at your campus services

Sometimes your campus services will have jobs for students. At Rutgers, you could apply for a job at the dining hall, in the student center, etc. Look to see what services you campus provides you and if you could get a job there.

5. Ask stores on campus

At Rutgers, there are many little food chains such as Panera, Starbucks, Qdoba, Moes and other little diners and cafes such as Woody's Cafe and Henry's Diner. Usually, these places always are in need of help. It never hurts to go and ask!