The only thing that is more sure and certain than a visit from Old Saint Nick on the 24th is the guaranteed creation of countless "New Year's" Resolutions only a week later. And while a majority of people jump on this "new beginning" bandwagon, very few actually follow-through.

But why?

Many, many writers and researchers have attempted to answer this question over the past couple of decades, with various and extensive conclusions. But, in my own experience, the answer is quite simple: You have to want it.

Want is a difficult word to describe. I want a million dollars. I want Alabama to win another National Championship next Monday.

I want this or I want that. So what do I (or anyone else who uses this word) mean when I say you have to want it.

Regarding my own personal resolution from last year (which was to lose some serious weight), I actually followed through. I lost upwards of 40 lbs and I was loving every minute of it. I'm actually doing the same thing this year, because I want to hit another weight goal of mine. But I cannot tell you how I did it.

Sure, I had a goal and I made short-term goals to achieve this larger one. I realized where I needed help and I made a plan and researched how to get help and change. I became disciplined and I struggled and powered through. I had achievements along the way that encouraged me, as well as a support group that was very kind all throughout this resolution.

So maybe that's how I achieved mine, but it doesn't define the difference this time around. Because we all know what to do. If you want to lose weight, then start. If you want to be more on time or be more honest or whatever, we know how to get there and what to do. But what you cannot teach and what you cannot learn is how to truly want something.

So maybe this helped you answer a question, or maybe you are thinking over why you even bothered to read this article. Either way, if you seriously and truly decide to want something, the rest will fall into place. But wanting something that badly can only be done by yourself. There's just no self-help book or app for that.