Making Friends On Tinder

I've heard many stories of people actually meeting their long-term significant other, or dare I say, soulmate, on this trendy dating app: Tinder. Not that I'm desperately looking for one myself, I was still curious as to what this Tinder hype was about. Why is it so addicting to keep swiping left and right? Why did it make people excited to get a bunch of matches and messages?

I didn't have anything better to do with my time, so I gave in to the bandwagon by downloading Tinder. I made my profile, put up several of my favorite pics of myself, and made a bio that was completely honest, letting everyone who sees me know my actual intentions here:

"Tbh I just downloaded Tinder because I was bored af. Not looking for a relationship :)"

I put my job as the "Assistant to the Regional Manager" (you're automatically cool if you watch "The Office"), and added Stony Brook University to my profile, so if you've ever seen me around campus and on that app, yup, that's me!

I immediately began swiping and finding new people who live near me and go to the same school as me. And it didn't take me long to understand the hype. Every time it said I got a match, I couldn't help but feel excited. I ended up treating Tinder as some game where I just wanted to keep getting matches and completely forgot about the purpose of it - I had to have a conversation with everyone I matched with, which was, mind you, a lot of work. But I was still down to do so.

The range of conversations was pretty diverse; some were casual small talk, others were "tell me about yourself," but most guys just went straight to compliments and asking if I wanted to hook up; as in, that was literally the first thing they said. I know I shouldn't be shook or whatever because, duh, it's Tinder. But I mean, damn, at least have some sort of conversation to know a few things about a person before you both completely touch each other's genitals? Maybe I'm just old-fashioned.

Anyways, besides the horny convos, I really enjoyed having funny talks with other college students who understood my "Office" reference. I even enjoyed the times when someone would use a funny "Office" pick-up line to get my attention, which by the way, always works. All in all, I give Tinder a 9/10 (some people are just too horny and forget to have a personality). I also realized there are two types of people on there: those who are looking for something serious and actually use Tinder for its purpose and those who love making jokes, sharing memes, and finding new friends, like me.

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