This last weekend I got the opportunity to do something I've always dreamed of. Create a short film.

Pulling together all the factors necessary to get the film made was an extensive yet enjoyable process. It took a bit longer than expected but patience and persistent got everything pulled together.

Summary/Logline: A boy obsessed with aesthetics spends the day at an art gallery with a girl who's beautiful yet lacks substance.

The spark of creativity that randomly hit me during a play rehearsal turned into a small script. When the idea hit I scrambled to grab a notebook a jot down all the points of the creativity burst.

Over the next few days I picked out what didn't work and pieced together what did. Eventually I had a script. But that was the easy part. Taking steps to pull the vision out of my head and into reality was a different story.

The first thing I needed to put together this short film was help. Help from anyone who was willing and able. I lucked out because when I showed the script to 2 of my friends they agreed and were excited to work. For additional help I went to the Cinema Department at VCU a handful of times in search of an assistant director. On the fourth or fifth trip I found two cinema students willing to help.

The next step was finding a location. The Candela Books Gallery or 214 West Broad Street Richmond, Virginia 23220 ended up being the shooting location. I wandered into this art studio a little under two months ago with a question?

"Would ya'll be down to let me shoot a short film here?"

What followed would be a few weeks of negotiation, visits and finally permission to shoot in the space. Now that I had a location to shoot and directors I needed recording equipment and an actress to act along side me.

I found the necessary equipment at the Student Media Center(SMC). All I had to do was fill out some paper work and then I had access to all the recording equipment I could ask for.

The final step was casting an actress. I owe a personal thanks to my friend Mason Hemphill for this. He found Kirsten Amerongen to play the part of "The Girl".

We ended up having one complication that resulted in rescheduling the shoot but with some effort everything came together nicely.

Thank so much Mason Hemphill, Brandyn Williams, Bremerton Farr, Ellis Finney, Sarah Kent, Kirsten Amerongen, Chance Baskerville, Ashby Nickerson and the Candela Gallery for helping me make this happen