Makeup is something that most women turn to on a daily basis before they go out the door. Whether they put on just a little, or a lot, it is something that makes women feel good for themselves, not for others. I personally used to wear makeup almost every day in high school because I liked how it looked. The summer before college, and going into school, my makeup wearing decreased. It wasn't because I didn't like how it looked, but I hated the process I would have to go through every morning and night. Skin care is something that is really important to me.

Hence the reason it was such a process because I believe in taking every ounce of makeup off at night and making sure I have a clean face. However, from time to time I do wear makeup and sometimes more than others. For my first video for Odyssey, I want to share with others a simple makeup routine I do when I want to have a little more than just minimum coverage on my face.

A girl likes to dress up from time to time am I right? My version of makeup is certainly not as extreme as some, but I hope some viewers can take some inspiration and see how easy it is to put some extra attention on those eyes and feel a little more glam than usual. Take a peek at my makeup tutorial for this quick and beautiful routine!

Watch here.