Every morning starts the same. You wake up, wet your favorite blending sponge and scavenge throughout your foundations and powders and liners. You think about what look you're going to go for that day, and you begin your creative work.

You layer powders over liquids and carve your cheekbones to resemble knives. After finally getting your brows on point, you take a step back and admire your masterpiece only to realize you still have to do your eyeliner.

Once the finished product is complete, you snap a couple selfies for Instagram and Snapchat because you know as soon as you step outside, it will only be a matter of seconds until your face melts off.

Ah, the struggles of being a cake-face in the summer. From patchy contour and runny foundation to eyeshadow that may as well have never been applied to begin with, the summertime can pose a challenge to girls who love makeup.

Fortunately, there are ways to keep your face "beat" and "on fleek" on even the hottest of days.

1. Priming.

It may seem like an easy step to skip, but your foundation and concealer and face as a whole will stay fresh for a lot longer if you prime your face. The same concept applies to eyeshadow, because a little bit of a base will not only make your look last all day, but your shadows will be more pigmented and will also blend much easier.

2. Switch up your foundation, if possible.

On really hot and humid summer days, I tend to use more of a tinted BB cream to serve as my foundation. It does not weigh down as much on my skin and I can layer it alongside my concealer to enhance my coverage! Plus, lots of formulas have sun protection built in as an added bonus!

3. Baking.

After you've applied foundation and concealer to where you want it, the popular Internet trend for setting your liquids and creams known as "baking" will lock in your face so it doesn't leak everywhere. You take a generous amount of loose translucent powder and pack it underneath the eyes and for some, under where you place your contour to really emphasize the illusion. While I bake, I usually work on other parts of my makeup routine such as my eyebrows or priming my eyelids so I allow my bake to set in. After waiting about five minutes, I take a bigger fluffy brush and swipe away some of the excess powder to cover and set the rest of my face. It truly makes a difference in the brightness of my face and the security of my foundation and concealer!

4. Setting spray.

Girl, you have worked hard on your face. Another product to help lock your look into place is setting spray. It adds a little moisture to the skin and makes it look fresh and dewy without running everywhere. The ingredients in setting sprays help hydrate your skin and some even have the capability to keep you cool on super humid days!

5. Go for the...bronze?

Having a sun kissed glow makes makeup application on hot days so much easier. Your skin tone typically tends to even out when you have a little extra sun on your face. Make sure you're using the right foundation and concealer colors, and don't be afraid to venture into the land of bronzing and contouring. It looks a lot less harsh on your tan skin but still gives your face a little more dimension.

6. Wear your face proudly.

Wearing makeup is a choice. Not wearing makeup is also a choice. If you decide that attempting your makeup on a humid day wouldn't work out so well for you, then that is perfectly okay! However, it's cool if you want to as well! Makeup is an art form as well as a form of self expression. If you want to wear your heaviest full-coverage foundation year round, then you go for it. These are simply some pointers for how to make your makeup last throughout the long, hot dog days of summer. Don't ever let anyone tell you how to wear your makeup, or more importantly, how to be you.