It started as a hobby, but know it’s a part of me.

See that thing called confidence…

Yea, I wasn’t born with it naturally.

So I put a mask on everyday, until it became part of my self-anatomy.

It mimics my soul.

I feel ugly without it all.

I don’t know who I am.

I have no identity.

So instead I paint on the person that I want to be.


Growing up, I was well-informed:

Flat face, big head, no body.

Comparing me to those girls, they like to call hotties,

But times have changed for the feminine kind.

Now they want to tell me that makeup is too much, that I don’t need it, that I’m fine.

But where was that advice when I was 7. 8. or 9?

I try so hard to be me (whatever that is).

But when no one will accept this.

I feel empty and worthless.