Before anyone says anything, yes this topic has been seen all over the Internet in the past couple months or so. It is, however, a controversial topic in my opinion, and looking through other writer's articles each person has a differing view on the subject. But this article contains my own opinions and words on how I feel about the topic of wearing makeup, dolling up your hair and wearing your cutest clothes for yourself.

In the past couple years I have struggled with trying to be someone that I like in my eyes, instead of being someone that is liked through someone else's eyes. Whether that be a boy, a fellow classmate or even a family member. It is easy to get jumbled up in those opinions of yourself coming from the people around you. Some people say wear this, or look like this and you'll be part of the "in crowd". Often times it can be very easy to fall into this trap and for a while, I was a culprit of the habits of those around me. It took me a while to realize I needed to be myself and do the things that I thought made me happy, or made me feel self-confident. In my world, true self-confidence can be hard to come by sometimes.

When I wear makeup or do my hair, or even wear a slightly cuter outfit than your basic T-shirt and Nike shorts, I do this for myself. I do this because it makes me have more confidence in myself when I need it. Some may argue and say you shouldn't base your confidence off of things, and I'm not saying they're wrong. But that is not how I see it through my eyes.

To those who may ask, no, I don't get dolled up fro anyone other than myself. I don't dress up to hope that a boy may say I'm pretty. I don't do makeup to hope that a friend may say it looks good. I do all of this for myself, and to boost my self-confidence. To those out there who may say makeup or a mini skirt and crop top doesn't do anything for their self-confidence, don't worry just do what will you make your confidence go through the roof.

So to all of those out there hating on the everyday makeup do-ers, maybe think twice before you say or do anything about it. Think about what makes you self-confident instead of tearing others down.